Volume: 18 Issue: 2

1. Reconstruction of middle and lower facial tension system for surgical rejuvenation Page:97—101
2. Application of slender narrow subcutaneous fascia pedicle random flap in repair of the cavity of concha wound Page:105—107
3. Application of levator aponeurosis in double eyelids operation Page:115—117
4. Effect of basic fibroblast growth factor-polylactide sustained release nanospheres on proliferation and adipogenic induction of adipose-derived stem cells in vitro Page:132—135
5. Inhibiting effects on invasion and metastasis of melanoma by CXCR4 gene silence in nude mice Page:136—139
6. Expression and significance of telomerase in development process of scar formation Page:128—131
7. Clinical efficacy of postoperative hydrophallous after penile lengthening surgery Page:125—127
8. Endoscopic resection of frontal benign tumors Page:118—120
9. Application of scar flap tn situ in restorative treatment of keloids on auricula Page:112—114
10. Prevention and treatment of the complications of auricle reconstruction Page:108—111
11. Combined surgery of facial fat tissue remodel with SMAS-suspended rhytidectomy Page:102—104
12. Influence of psychological factors on aesthetic satisfaction of all-ceramic restorative patients Page:94—96
13. Clinical analysis of maxillary central incisors with impaction Page:90—93
14. Clinical effects of pendulum and straight wire technology in patients with fully erupted maxillary second molar Page:81—85
15. Pinyangmycin sclerotherapy for localized low-flow venous malformation in oral and maxillofacial region Page:121—124
16. Functional correction of primary dentition anterior croossbite with modified interocclusal lip arch appliance Page:86—89