1. Simultaneous repair of bilateral complete cleft lip nose: ten-year follow-up results Page:321—323
2. Applicatioin of micro-screw for mandibular incisors intrusion: a clinical and cephalometric study Page:324—326
3. Three-dimensional finite element analysis for internal maxillary distraction with fixation between cleft palate Page:327—330
4. Correction of short and upwardly rotated nose by transplanting autogenous rib cartilage Page:344—346
5. Reservation of pretarsal orbicularis muscle in double-eyelid blepharoplasty Page:331—333
6. Asymmetry of soft tissue thickness of upper eyelids: a clinical study of Shanghai undergraduates undergoing double eyelid surgery Page:334—337
7. Therapeutic analysis of young blepharochalasis Page:338—340
8. Application of autologous cartilage graft in plastic surgery of aesthetically short nose with low and blunt nasal tip Page:341—343
9. Reconstruction of secondary breast deformity after breast conservative therapy Page:347—349
10. Treatment of severe gynecomastia by double-ring supra-medialis pedicle for breast reduction Page:350—352
11. Effect of ghycolic acid on treatment of acne Page:353—356
12. Clinical application of focused ultrasound body contouring apparatus in non-invasive body contouring Page:357—359
13. Basic conditions of skin in female consumers for cosmetics in Chengdu area Page:360—363
14. Effect of multiple IPL treatment on cell senescence markers in skin fibroblasts Page:364—367
15. Expression of mRNA and protein of ZNF217 and EF1α and their significance in pathological scar Page:368—371
16. Effect of gene therapy on the expression of bone morphogenetic protein-2 during mandible distraction Page:372—375
17. Establishment of a model of rabbit auricular hematoma and its application Page:376—378
18. Carbon dioxide fractional laser in treatment of syringoma: a clinical analysis Page:401—403
19. Clinical effect of diode laser on treatment of moderate to severe acne Page:404—406
20. 800 nm diode laser for removing unwanted hair of Ⅲ-Ⅴ skin type Page:407—409
21. Long-pulsed 1064 nm laser combined with triamcinolone in treatment of keloids Page:410—412
22. Clinical application of intraoperative sustained skin and soft-tissue expansion in augmentation mammaplasty using transaxillary approach with endoscopic assistance Page:413—415
23. Two-staged immediate procedure of breast reconstruction with tissue expansion Page:416—419
24. Dermal-fat graft combined with secondary autologous fat transplantation to reconstruct severe facial depression Page:420—422
25. Magnetic resonance imaging of patients with polyacrylamide hydrophilic gel injection for facial plasty Page:423—425
26. Treatment of laterognathism of the mandible Page:426—429
27. Application of autologous costicartilage trestle in correction of secondary cleft lip nasal deformity Page:430—432
28. Application of dolabriform flap in repairing periorbital skin and soft tissue defects Page:433—436
29. Efficacy of midazolam combined with remifentanil for lower eyelid blephamoplasty Page:437—439
30. Primary culture and epithelial differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells Page:440—443
31. Changes of muscle induced with injection of botulinum toxin type A in different period of time Page:444—446
32. Histocompatibility of noval xenogenic tendon matrix materials Page:447—449
33. Comparison of the fracture resistance of pulpless upper anterior teeth restored with tapered and parallel-sided fiber posts Page:450—453
34. Expanded random forearm flap for total nasal reconstruction in patients with cicatricial nasal deformity Page:5—7
35. Lengthening the short nose with bilateral septal spreader graft and columellar strut Page:8—11
36. Application of suture and ligature and swelling anesthesia technique in excision of giant skin benign tumor in sites other than extremity Page:15—17
37. Efficacy of self-disigned long-thick silicone prothesis on severe microgenia Page:18—20
38. Plastic treatment of giant neurofibromatosis on body surface Page:21—23
39. Effect of CO2 laser treatment on facial sebaceous cyst and skin incision welding Page:31—34
40. Regulation of activated genes of fibroblasts and their improvement of skin aging Page:43—46
41. Application of autogenous septal cartilage in correction of cleft lip nasal deformity Page:12—14
42. Anatomic assessment and clinical application of the lateral sural nerve-lesser saphenous vein vascular plexus island flap Page:24—26
43. Effect of vacuum sealing drainage on small vessels and microthrombus of congested flap Page:39—42
44. Interference mechanism of liposome PGE1 on survival of expanded flap Page:47—50
45. Effect of gene therapy on the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor during mandible distraction Page:51—54
46. Application of combined osteotomy with midfacial SMAS lift in comprehensive correction of facial shape Page:83—85
47. Self-evaluation of dentofacial esthetics in skeletal malocclusion patients Page:86—89
48. Establishment of a three-dimensional digital model based on multi-source craniofacial profile Page:90—92
49. Effect of different-dose botulinum toxin A intradermal injection on axillary hyperhidrosis Page:100—102
50. Clinical effect of Er ∶ YAG 2940 nm fractional laser on facial wrinkles Page:103—105
51. Maxillary protraction and multiple loop edgewise arch wire technology in treatment of early mixed dentition skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion Page:106—109
52. Comparison of proliferation and differentiation capacity of tissue-engineered skin built by different passages of keratinocytes Page:122—125
53. Effect of hydrogen-rich saline on TNF-α, NF-κB and apoptosis in skin flap after ischemia/reperfusion injury Page:130—133
54. Effect of recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor with different concentrations upon inducing hASCs to differentiate into adipose cells Page:134—137
55. Impact of micro-plasma radio-frequency on animal skin tissue Page:164—167
56. Comparison of efficacy and complications among three small incision procedures in treatment of axillary osmidrosis Page:168—170
57. Autogenous orbital septum fat redistrbution in correction of sunken upper eyelid Page:171—173
58. Comparison of the efficacy of skin rehabilitation therapies between comprehensive treatment and simple Chinese medicine steam spray after deep facial burn Page:187—189
59. Comparison between two methods of congenital inverted nipple surgery Page:93—96
60. Free autogenous palmaris longus tendon transplantation in treatment of cicatricial ectropion Page:97—99
61. Influential factors of esthetic evaluation of axial dental midline angulation Page:110—113
62. Influence of age factor on treating cutaneous hemangioma with 90 Sr-90Y applicator Page:114—117
63. Constructive tissue engineering bone with BMSC sheets and PLGA scaffold Page:118—121
64. Effects of CTGF gene silencing on expression of type Ⅰ collagen in a nude mouse model Page:126—129
65. Application of skin and soft tissue expander in reconstruction of large scalp defect with skull exposure Page:174—176
66. Double L-shape osteotomy combined bony Z-plasty for prominent malar complex Page:177—180
67. A minimally skin incision for unilateral microform cleft lip repair Page:181—183
68. Spiral CT localization of the point where superior epigastric artery perforates rectus abdominis muscle Page:184—186
69. Clinical application of plastic surgery techniques in emergency treatment of facial soft tissue injuries Page:190—192
70. Clinical applications of buried-guiding-suture method in treatment of complications after nasal augmentation with silicone implant Page:193—195
71. Treatment of scar contracture with intralesional botulinum toxin type A injection Page:196—199
72. Effect of platelet-rich fibrin on proliferation and adipogenic differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells Page:203—206
73. Effect of estrogen on proliferation and migration of human skin fibroblast Page:207—210
74. Effects of amlodipine through percutaneous penetration on survival of ischemic random skin flap Page:211—214
75. Effect of antifreeze or antioxidant at different cryopreservation conditions on activity of adipose cells Page:215—218
76. Effect of melatonin on bioactivity of fibroblasts from human hypertrophic scar Page:200—202,206