Volume: Issue: 5

1. Simultaneous repair of bilateral complete cleft lip nose: ten-year follow-up results Page:321—323
2. Applicatioin of micro-screw for mandibular incisors intrusion: a clinical and cephalometric study Page:324—326
3. Three-dimensional finite element analysis for internal maxillary distraction with fixation between cleft palate Page:327—330
4. Correction of short and upwardly rotated nose by transplanting autogenous rib cartilage Page:344—346
5. Reservation of pretarsal orbicularis muscle in double-eyelid blepharoplasty Page:331—333
6. Asymmetry of soft tissue thickness of upper eyelids: a clinical study of Shanghai undergraduates undergoing double eyelid surgery Page:334—337
7. Therapeutic analysis of young blepharochalasis Page:338—340
8. Application of autologous cartilage graft in plastic surgery of aesthetically short nose with low and blunt nasal tip Page:341—343
9. Reconstruction of secondary breast deformity after breast conservative therapy Page:347—349
10. Treatment of severe gynecomastia by double-ring supra-medialis pedicle for breast reduction Page:350—352
11. Effect of ghycolic acid on treatment of acne Page:353—356
12. Clinical application of focused ultrasound body contouring apparatus in non-invasive body contouring Page:357—359
13. Basic conditions of skin in female consumers for cosmetics in Chengdu area Page:360—363
14. Effect of multiple IPL treatment on cell senescence markers in skin fibroblasts Page:364—367
15. Expression of mRNA and protein of ZNF217 and EF1α and their significance in pathological scar Page:368—371
16. Effect of gene therapy on the expression of bone morphogenetic protein-2 during mandible distraction Page:372—375
17. Establishment of a model of rabbit auricular hematoma and its application Page:376—378