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Volume: 30 Issue: 1

1. Survey of water improvement project to reduce fluoride in Shandong province Page:64—67
2. Effects of combined arsenic trioxide and resveratrol on the viability of human acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line NB4 cells Page:9—12
3. Analysis of laboratory external quality control of iodine deficiency disorders in Guizhou province in 1999 -2008 Page:103—106
4. Transcription and expression of excision repair cross complementing 1 in endemic arsenism caused by coal-burning Page:4—8
5. National pathogenic and serological analysis of plague test results in China from 2001 to 2009 Page:96—99
6. Epidemiological analysis of human brucellosis in Ningxia from 2004 to 2009 Page:92—95
7. Monitoring and analysis of arsenic pollution in Yangzonghai lake and the influence of arsenic to the surrounding drinking water and local food in Chengjiang of Yunnan province in 2008 and 2009 Page:47—50
8. Analysis of surveillance results of water-born endemic arsenism in Shaanxi province in 2009 Page:44—46
9. Observational study of relevant electrocardiogram indexes of rat acute ischemic myocardial injury induced by different doses of isoprenaline Page:31—35
10. Long-term effect of endemic arsenism on oxidative stress and immune function Page:16—19
11. Correlation between environmental selenium levels and cognitive ability among rural elderly population Page:84—87
12. Investigation report of the effect of control measures to iodine deficiency disorders in Xining in 2009 Page:81—83
13. Comparative analysis of the survey results of iodine deficiency disorders between high-risk areas in Chongqing and in Linzhi of Tibet in 2007 Page:76—80
14. Operational state of drinking water defluorination project and situation of fluorosis in children aged 8 to 12 in Dagang district of Tianjin in 2009 Page:68—71
15. Usage of fluorine-proof furnace in areas with coal-burning borne endemic fluorosis in Guizhou province in 2009 Page:60—63
16. Survey of defluoridation water improvement project in Shanxi province from 2005 to 2009 Page:56—59
17. Analysis of survey results of endemic fluorosis in Shandong province in 2008 Page:51—55
18. Detection of F1 antibody against Yersinia pestis in flushing fluid of heart blood of Rhombomys opimus with ELISA: a feasibility study Page:36—38
19. Effect of fluoride on expression of osteoblast Runx2, and Osterix and COL I A2 Page:23—26
20. The diagnostic value of rSj26-Sj32-IgG-ELISA for acute schistosomiasis japonica Page:39—43
21. Short-term iron deficiency on rat thyroid function Page:27—30
22. Effect of sodium arsenite exposure on DNA damage of rat peripheral blood lymphocytes Page:13—15
23. Epidemiological analysis of Brucellosis reported through network in Taiyuan Shanxi province from 2006 to 2009 Page:88—91
24. Analysis of a national surveillance results of iodized salt in 2008 Page:72—75
25. The effects of low doses arsenic on serum enzymes and biochemical indicators in rabbits Page:20—22