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Volume: 35 Issue: 5

1. The effect of biliary stent position on short?term and long?term outcomes of patients with low malignant obstructive jaundice after surgical treatment Page:386—391
2. Effect of ventricular premature catheter ablation on diastolic function in elderly patients Page:392—396
3. Multivariate analysis of laparoscopic conservative surgery for persistent ectopic pregnancy after tubal pregnancy Page:396—399
4. Dynamic study of immunoregulatory factors and tumor markers in patients with advanced gastric cancer before and after chemotherapy Page:400—405
5. Effect of artificial tiger bone powder on functional recovery of brittle fracture Page:406—408
6. Effects of exercise therapy on type 2 diabetes patients in the working mode of "combination of physical and health" Page:409—412
7. Relationship between preoperative programmed death receptor 1,programmed death ligand 1 and clinical pathological parameters, early postoperative recurrence and metastasis in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Page:413—417
8. Clinical study of endoscopic resection and laparoscopic surgical treatment for colorectal submucosal tumors Page:417—421
9. Analysis of the efficacy of poly ADP?ribose polymerases inhibitor combined with chemotherapeutics in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer Page:422—426
10. Clinical value of serum activin A, Endoglin combined with uterine artery pulsatility index in prediction of preeclampsia in early pregnancy Page:427—430
11. Clinical characteristics of early Parkinson′ s disease patients with emotional apathy and its relationship with other non?motor symptoms Page:431—435
12. Effect of XELOX regimens plus combination of endostar and thalidamide as first?line treatment for advanced colorectal cancer Page:436—440
13. Effect of body mass fluctuation on the prognosis of atrial fibrillation Page:441—446
14. Risk factors of mortality in peritoneal dialysis patients Page:447—450
15. Clinical Effect of Total Glucosides of Paeonia as the adjuvant therapy on Hematuria and Proteinuria Purpura Nephritis and Its Effect on Serum Cytokines Page:451—456
16. Clinical analysis of 33 cases on laparoscopic resection of presacral cysts Page:457—459
17. Analysis of serum gastric function and Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with gastric hyperplastic polyps and gastric fundic gland polyps Page:460—464
18. Application value of simple exercise provocation test combined with small airway function test in early diagnosis of cough variant asthma Page:465—469
19. Clinical follow?up study of paclitaxel?coated balloon in the treatment of symptomatic lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans Page:469—473
20. Plastic bronchitis associated with bleeding in child: A case report and literature review Page:474—476
21. A case of myocardial injury caused by allergy Page:477—478
22. Advances in mechanism and management of adverse drug reactions targeting anti?angiogenesis drugs Page:479—481