WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Clinical Medicine of China> 2017> 33> 9

Volume: 33 Issue: 9

1. Clinical analysis of different ways to terminate pathological pregnancy Page:847—850
2. Effect analysis of posterior internal fixation and fusion on patients with spinal fractures Page:843—846
3. Effects of lumboperitoneal shunt and ventriculoperitoneal shunt in the treatment of post?traumatic hydrocephalus Page:839—843
4. Clinical value of joint detection of six tumor markers in patients with colorectal cancer Page:834—838
5. Comparison of the clinical effects of mini phalangeal external fixation and mini plate in the treatment of the metacarpal bone head intraarticular fractures Page:794—797
6. Comparative observation of the effects of mammaplasty,non mammaplasty and prosthesis reconstruction in the treatment of quadrant or massive mastectomy Page:790—793
7. Correlation of inflammatory cytokine interleukin?1β, interleukin?33 and neutrophil?to?lymphocyte ratio with atrial fibrillation Page:786—789
8. Application of extracorporeal extended field radiotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer Page:782—785
9. New era of immunotherapy for colorectal cancer Page:861—864
10. Predictive value of preoperative NLR in 77 patients with AFP ? negative HCC after recurrence Page:828—833
11. Research on the effects of compound matrine injection combined with chemotherapy on elderly patients with colorectal cancer Page:824—827
12. Effects of thyroid hormone levels on carotid artery lesions in MHD patients and its evaluation value Page:819—823
13. Clinical study of therapeutic effect of Xuebijing injection on the treatment of vascular endothelial cell injury,microcirculation disorder and organ diysfunction in patients with sepsis Page:812—818
14. Application of levosimendan on percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with ischemic heart failure Page:807—811
15. Prognosis comparison of vascular in situ and bridge vessel percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with recurrent angina after coronary artery bypass grafting Page:802—806
16. Study on the expression of hormone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 in breast cancer primary tumor and axillary lymph node metastasis Page:778—781
17. Posterior short segment and long segment pedicle screws internal fixation in treatment of thoracolumbar burst fracture:Meta analysis Page:769—777
18. Comparison of the efficacy of thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery with conventional thoracic surgery on esophageal cancer and its influence on pulmonary function Page:797—801