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Volume: 33 Issue: 1

1. Relationship between endometrial stem/progenitor cells and gynecological diseases Page:93—96
2. Advances in the treatment of distal radius fractures in the elderly Page:90—93
3. Research progress of puerarin's antitumor mechanism Page:87—89
4. Progress of mechanism of improving follicles and the receptivity of endometrium of the in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer patients Page:75—77
5. Relationship between perinatal outcome and weight gain of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus Page:60—63
6. Clinical study of abdominl type of tumor cells to destroy the loss after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer stage Ⅲ C Page:57—59
7. Clinical effect of 1-desamino-8-D-Arginine Vasopressin different withdrawal ways in primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis Page:52—56
8. Percutaneous kyphoplasty combined with zoledronic acid for the treatment of single segment osteoporotic lumbar vertebralcompression fractures Page:48—52
9. Effects of large dose norepinephrine on the anastomotic healing after esophagectomy Page:40—43
10. Compare the clinical effect of unarmed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine in the emergency room Page:37—40
11. Changes of blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin in patients with progress of ischemic stroke Page:33—36
12. Effect of vacuum-assisted closure in the treatment of diabetic foot Page:30—33
13. Analysis on risk factors for severe community acquired pneumonia in the elderly Page:25—29
14. Clinical effect of hysteroscopic scar defect orthopedic surgery on cicatrical scar of uterine incision Page:15—17
15. Effects of cyclamic acid on dynamic monitoring D-Dimer and thromboembolic prophylaxis during total hip arthroplasty Page:11—14
16. Analysis of recurrence rate of great saphanous vein incompetence after endovenous laser therapy base on propensity score matching method Page:7—10
17. Analysis of clinical characteristics and death causes in patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiac rupture Page:1—6
18. Application progress of serum laboratory tests in the diagnosis and treatment of lupus nephritis Page:83—87
19. New insights into the diagnosis and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporotic vertebral fractures Page:78—82
20. Clinical analysis of chronic active epstein-barr virus infection in children Page:63—67
21. Prognostic correrelation factors and analysis of molecular subtypes on 108 cases young breast cancer patients Page:44—47
22. Curative effect observation of intermediate care on patients with after acute stage Page:22—25
23. Clinical study of human papillomavirus 16 integrated role in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer Page:18—21