WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Clinical Medicine of China> 2013> 29> 8

Volume: 29 Issue: 8

1. Risk assessment of acute kidney injury after intracoronary stent implantation Page:802—805
2. Clinical research of rhGH on pregnancy rate of polycysticovary syndrome Page:790—792
3. Complications and impact on the secretion of digestive juice of octreotide acetate prophylactic application of head of pancreas after pancreaticoduodenectomy Page:815—817
4. Effect of levothyrocine-thyroxine 4 replacement therapy on cognitive status in elderly patients with subclinical hypothyroidism Page:818—820
5. Clinical significance of serum procalcitonin and adrenomedullin levels in elderly patients with pneumonia Page:821—824
6. Study of great omentum combined with medical obturation glue in the prevention of thoracic cavity anastomotic leakage Page:839—841
7. Efficacy of combined treatment of gamma knife and operation in the treatment of bilateral parasagittal meningiomas Page:842—844
8. Efficacy and impact on serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 of long-term non-invasive positive pressure ventilation combined with inhaling corticosteroids in patients with stable severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated with respiratory failur Page:824—828
9. Clinical application of supersonic diagnoses of breast cancer Page:829—830
10. Clinical application of renal vessel angiography with 256-slice spiral CT in laparoscopic surgery for renals Page:864—866
11. Clinical efficacy comparisons between minimally invasive surgery and craniotomy in treatment of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage Page:866—868
12. Effect of radiotherapy on loco-regional recurrence of esophageal carcinoma after surgery Page:869—871
13. A comparative study on the effects of transabdominal preperitoneal hernia repair and open hernia repair surgery in the treatment of adult inguinal hernia Page:844—846
14. Analysis of different methods of internal fixation of ankle fractures Page:853—855
15. Comparison the effect of surgical and conservative treatment of acute dislocation Page:858—861
16. Comparison between ultra-long-term down-regulation protocol and modified long-tem protocol in poor ovarian reserve patients Page:879—881
17. Application of double C program in the perioperative period of coronary artery bypass Page:831—833