WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Clinical Medicine of China> 2009> 25> 12

Volume: 25 Issue: 12

1. Microsurgical treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the early and intermediate stage Page:1301—1303
2. Analysis of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in recent 20 years Page:1276—1278
3. The factors relevant to the vascular calcification in ulemic patients Page:1273—1275
4. Random flap experimental study of dynamic changes of blood flow Page:1236—1238
5. Microsurgical management of supra- and infra-tentorial meningioma of the posterior petrous bone Page:1297—1298
6. Influence of intensive lipid lowering with atorvastatin on carotid intima-media thickness and vascular endothelia function in patients with geriatric carotid plaque Page:1246—1250
7. Clinical study of 36 cases with severe pre-eclampsia complicated with ascites Page:1317—1319
8. Expression of nerve growth factors and its receptors in granulosa cells and human ovarian follicle development in polycystic ovarian syndrome Page:1314—1316
9. The differential diagnosis of 135 cases with pleural effusion Page:1281—1283
10. The effect of insulin glargine plus metformin on inflammatory factors in the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes Page:1266—1268
11. The role of serum uric acid in different types of coronary heart disease Page:1253—1257
12. Clinical study of colon dialysis in 60 Cases with chronic renal failure Page:1241—1243
13. Meta-analysis of entecavir in lamivudine-refractory patients with chronic hepatitis B Page:1260—1263
14. The effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors on cell cycle of breast cancer cell line MCF-7 Page:1238—1240
15. Effect of acute hypervolemic hemodilution on expression of serum chemokine interferon-inducible protein 10 in patients undergoing total hip replacement Page:1233—1235
16. Study of internal environment of neonates with hyperbilirubinemia before and after blood exchange transfusion Page:1322—1324