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Volume: Issue: 6

1. Application of continuous negative pressure of the vacuum sealing drainage dressing's aspiration in the open infected wound Page:632—634
2. Expression and significance of BCAR1 in endometrial carcinomas Page:561—564
3. Application and clinical significance of 24-hour multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH monitoring in gastroesophageal reflux disease Page:564—567
4. Clinical significance of serum levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in vascular cognitive impairment Page:568—571
5. The value of serum Cystatin C in the early diagnosis of acute kidney injury in critically ill children Page:574—576
6. Influence of hemodiafiltration on micro-inflammation, serum parathyroid hormone and cardiac function in uremic patients Page:582—585
7. Association between plasma homocysteine and high-sensitivity C-response protein in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:586—590
8. Correlations between intracranial and extracranial artery stenosis and ambulatory arterial stiffness index Page:590—593
9. Comparison of effects of carvedilol and motoprolol on the weight of cardiac muscle in patients with hypertensive heart disease Page:594—596
10. Efficacy and safety of butyiphthalide and nimodipine in the treatment of vascular dementia Page:606—608
11. Effects of liraglutide on glycemic gontrol in metformin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:612—614
12. Investigation of independent risk factors of acute kidney injury following coronary artery bypass grafting Page:615—618
13. Soft tissue leiomyosarcoma of the trunk and extremities:a retrospective analysis of 18 cases Page:618—621
14. Dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail anti-rotation,in the treatment of femoral intertrochanteric fracture of 90 cases Page:622—625
15. Analysis of application of CEA, CA19-9 and CA72-4 in the diagnosis of gastric cancer Page:637—639
16. Relationship between peri-menopausal women blood lipid level and the gallstone disease Page:648—651
17. Studies on the changes and clinical significance of peripheral blood T lymphocyte Subsets in 386 Patients with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Page:660—663
18. The clinical significance of detecting peripheral blood natural killer cell in the unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion Page:574—576
19. Multicenter randomized controlled study of percutaneous tracheostomy and conventional tracheostomy patients in neurological intensive treatment Page:581—584
20. Changes of renal pathomorphology,transforming growth factor-β1 and connective tissue growth factor in type 1 diabetes mellitus Page:569—573
21. The change of secretory IgA in patients with uremia and its relationship with micro inflammation state Page:567—569
22. Microsurgical treatment of anterior communicating aneurysms under combined neuroelectrophysiologi-cal monitoring Page:564—566
23. The effective evaluation of the double embolization therapy of the trisacryl gelatin microspheres combined gelatin sponge on the massive hemoptysis Page:645—648
24. Changes of T cell subsets,NK cell ratio and serum soluble interleukin- 2 receptor in perioperative gastric cancer patients Page:626—629
25. The application of Narcotrend index on guiding propofol combined with different analgesic drugs on the colonoscopy Page:622—625
26. Application of serum procalcitonin on patients with severe infection Page:619—622
27. Role of cerebrospinal fluid cytology detection on meningeal cancer Page:616—618
28. The effect of levocarnitine and hemoperfusion on micro-inflammatory state of maintenance hemodialysis patients Page:606—609
29. Clinical analysis of systemic sclerosis patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension Page:602—605