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Volume: 55 Issue: 2

1. Correlations between psoriasis and obesity Page:181—184
2. Bullous pemphigoid and its immune-mediated comorbidities Page:177—181
3. Patterns of skin diseases among outpatients attending Hospital of Dermatology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2019 Page:150—152
4. Application of tunneled subcutaneous pedicle flaps in repair of nasal alar defects Page:161—163
5. A comparative study of human immunoglobulin versus recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-α receptor Ⅱ:IgG Fc fusion protein in the treatment of toxic epidermal necrolysis Page:153—156
6. Pemphigus foliaceus converting into bullous pemphigoid: the first case reported in China Page:156—158
7. Application of transverse closure of longitudinal incisions in reconstructing pentagonal full-thickness defects of the lower eyelid margin Page:159—161
8. Construction of a Spink5 conditional knockout mouse model and analysis of its phenotype Page:95—101
9. Significance of lysophosphatidic acid receptor 6 in the large-cell transformation of mycosis fungoides and its effect on the proliferation and apoptosis of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cells Page:102—109
10. Cutaneous hypopigmented lymphoproliferative disorders: a clinicopathological study of 41 cases Page:110—115
11. Expression of silent information regulator 1 and 3 and hypoxia-inducible factor 1α in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma tissues and cells Page:116—122
12. Clinical features of 24 cases of scleroderma-like cutaneous graft-versus-host disease Page:123—128
13. Clinical efficacy and safety of topical sirolimus in the treatment of 19 cases of superficial vascular malformation in children Page:129—134
14. In vitro effect of a short hairpin RNA targeting epidermal growth factor receptor combined with sirolimus on proliferation and apoptosis of the human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma cell line Colo-16 Page:135—141
15. A case of cicatricial female pattern hair loss Page:142—145
16. Gene mutation analysis of a family with familial generalized lentiginosis Page:146—149
17. From fatal bacterial granuloma after trauma to Balamuthia mandrillaris infection: clinical experience over 20 years Page:172—176