WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Dermatology> 2019> 52> 7

Volume: 52 Issue: 7

1. Induced pluripotent stem cells: advances in research and application in dermatology Page:445—449
2. Mosaic mutation in the NEMO gene causes incontinentia pigmenti in a male patient Page:450—454
3. Effects of honokiol on activation of transient receptor potential channel in rat spinal dorsal root ganglion cells and pruritus in mouse models Page:455—460
4. Evaluation of reliability and validity of the patient health questionnaire-9 in patients with acne Page:461—466
5. Relationship between subjective facial skin types and skin microbiota in 31 healthy female undergraduates aged 20-25 years in Beijing Page:467—474
6. Effects of metformin on inflammatory status and phosphorylated Stat3 expression in lesions of a psoriasis-like mouse model Page:475—480
7. Establishment of a mouse model of atopic dermatitis induced by topical application of ovalbumin and calcipotriol Page:481—485
8. Expression of caspase-14 in skin lesions of patients with chronic actinic dermatitis and effect of ultraviolet B radiation on its mRNA and protein expression in HaCaT cells Page:486—490
9. A survey on sun protection behavior among middle-aged and elderly women in two districts in Beijing Page:491—494
10. Effect of downregulation of microRNA-373 expression on cell cycle and apoptosis of a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma cell line A431 Page:494—497
11. A case of telangiectasia macularis multiplex acquisita complicated by polyposis coli Page:498—498
12. A case of nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superficialis complicated by fibrofolliculomas on the knee Page:499—500
13. Progressive osseous heteroplasia in an infant induced by a new mutation in the GNAS1 gene Page:500—501
14. Association between psoriasis and STAT3 Page:502—505
15. Single-cell RNA sequencing and its application in dermatology Page:506—509
16. Diagnosis and treatment of painful leg ulcers Page:510—514