WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Dermatology> 2019> 52> 4

Volume: 52 Issue: 4

1. Expression of miRNA-148a-3p in CD4+ T lymphocytes in peripheral blood of patients with psoriasis vulgaris and its clinical significance Page:231—235
2. Cytomegalovirus infection with skin lesions as the primary manifestation: a case report Page:236—240
3. Effect of autologous whole blood injections on expression of FcεRI and CD63 on basophils in patients with refractory chronic spontaneous urticaria and positive autologous serum skin test Page:241—247
4. Effect of isotretinoin on peptidoglycan-induced expression of inflammatory genes in human SZ95 sebocytes Page:248—252
5. Effect of ultraviolet and all-trans retinoic acid on expression of Hrd1 in human skin and fibroblasts Page:253—258
6. Association between efficacy of and response to narrow-band ultraviolet B phototherapy as well as factors related to phototherapy response in patients with vitiligo Page:259—262
7. Evaluation of in vitro antifungal activity of osthole against Talaromyces marneffei in yeast phase Page:262—265
8. Reflectance confocal microscopic characteristics of primary cutaneous amyloidosis Page:265—267
9. Photoacoustic imaging and photoacoustic spectrum analysis in mouse models of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Page:268—272
10. Evaluation methods for sensitive skin Page:275—278
11. Application of platelet-rich plasma in dermatology Page:279—282
12. Application of camouflage therapy in vitiligo Page:283—285
13. Application and significance of willingness-to-pay in measuring the burden of skin diseases Page:286—289
14. Non-surgical lipolysis techniques Page:290—294