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Volume: 27

1. The latest developments in targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer Page:36—40
2. The single-center safety observation of ipilimumab combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced squamous cell carcinoma Page:31—35
3. The relationship between the rate of involved lymph nodes and distant metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma Page:26—30
4. Observation of preliminary clinical effect and analysis of perioperative complications of radical prostatectomy for patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer Page:20—25
5. The expression of driver genes in Uyghur patients with lung cancer in Xinjiang China Page:14—19
6. Correlation between mRNA expression of protocadherin-10 and prognosis in gastric cancer Page:7—13
7. Inhibition of invasion and metastasis by imrecoxib and its mechanisms in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cell xenograft in nude mice Page:1—6
8. Pemetrexed with geiftinib or pemetrexed alone in advanced non-small cell lung cancer with acquired resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors Page:135—139
9. Relationship of SRC pY416 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma with clinical parameters and intrahepatic metastasis Page:115—120
10. The effect of mutations in the upstream regulatory region of HPV-16 on the activity of virus early promoter Page:109—114
11. Advances in research on multiple primary malignant tumors Page:156—160
12. Application of radiomics information captured from PET/CT and CT to predict therapeutic effect of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in stageⅠ non-small cell lung cancer Page:128—134
13. Clinical signiifcance of ICAM-1 expression and its correlation with prognosis of triple-negative breast cance r Page:121—127
14. miR-17-92 cluster increases the migration and invasion abilities of DU145 prostate cancer cells and enhances the cisplatin resistance Page:95—101
15. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells prevent pulmonary tumor metastasis after surgery in a mouse model Page:89—94
16. The role of ABCG2 in the sensitivity of glioma to pyropheophorbide-amethyl ester-mediated photodynamic therapy Page:81—88
17. The role of endoscopic ultrasound in detection of small pancreatic tumors Page:233—236
18. Postoperative differences in clinical characteristics between adenocarcinoma and other types of non-small cell lung cancer and analysis of prognostic factors of adenocarcinoma treated with surgery Page:227—232
19. A modified equivalent uniform dose with the dosimetric parameters of perfusion imaging correlates with radiation pneumonitis in radiation therapy planning Page:219—226
20. Analysis of colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates during the last 40 years in Hebei Province Page:212—218
21. The effect of different expression levels of HER-2 on the biological characteristics of breast cancer cells Page:201—206
22. Expression of microRNA-210 in gastric cancer and its relationship with clinicopathological factors and prognosis Page:197—200
23. Clinical significance of serum CEA, CA125 and CA72-4 in gastric carcinoma with peritoneal metastasis Page:191—196
24. Therapeutically targeting autophagy enhances cytotoxicity of emodin in liver cancer cell lines Page:186—190
25. Screening for differential genes of the prostate cancer and bioinformatics analysis of their interaction Page:169—176
26. Chromatin remodeling protein MORC2 promotes a breast cancer stem-like phenotype by regulating ALDH1A3 expression Page:161—168
27. Current progress on the relationship between inflammation and postoperative cognitive dysfunction Page:237—240
28. Imaging features of renal myomatous angiomyolipoma on CT Page:207—211
29. A comparative study of four methods of establishing orthotopic human renal cell carcinoma models in nude mice Page:177—185
30. Clinical outcome of castrate-resistant prostate cancer patients with bone metastasis treated with thalidomide combined with docetaxel Page:287—292
31. Comparison of the clinical characteristics of ovarian lymphoma and ovarian cancer with bulk lymph node involvement Page:281—286
32. Establishment of metastatic colorectal cancer patient-derived xenografts models by image-guided biopsy Page:276—280
33. The relationship between the number of dissected central lymph nodes and clinical outcome in pN1a papillary thyroid carcinoma Page:256—261
34. BRAF V600E mutation and expression of its protein in papillary thyroid carcinoma Page:251—255
35. Recent advances in basic research, clinical diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer in 2016 Page:241—250
36. Research progress of DNA methylation in thyroid cancer Page:304—311
37. Research progress on exosome-derived non-coding RNA in digestive system malignancy Page:297—303
38. The comparative analysis of clinical curative effect of laparoscopic hepatectomy and open resection for hepatic tumor Page:293—296
39. Effect of downregulation of FBI-1 on proliferation of human breast carcinoma cell line and its mechanism Page:262—267
40. The functional role of long non-coding RNA PANDAR in promoting colorectal cancer metastasis and its mechanism Page:268—275
41. The application of Oncotype DX 21-gene assay in early-stage ER positive breast cancer Page:675—680
42. Research progress of long non-coding RNA related to breast cancer Page:668—674
43. Joinpoint regression analysis for the trends of cervical cancer mortality between 1987-2014 in China Page:634—640
44. The immunotherapy for head and neck cancer Page:459—462
45. Research progress in targeted chemotherapy for thyroid cancer Page:451—458
46. Research progress in diagnosis and treatment of radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer Page:442—450
47. Application of da Vinci Surgical System in tumors of head and neck Page:437—441
48. Clinical application of laryngeal nerve monitoring in thyroid cancer surgery Page:432—436
49. Analysis of treatment outcome and prognosis of elderly patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer Page:661—667
50. The survival analysis of patients with Paget's disease and underlying invasive breast carcinoma Page:655—660
51. Effect of apigenin on the multidrug resistant breast cancer cell line MCF-7/ADR Page:648—654
52. Expression and clinicopathologic significance of peroxiredoxin Ⅱ in gastric cancer Page:641—647
53. Breast reconstruction with pedicled perforator flaps Page:626—633
54. Application of pedicled transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap in breast reconstruction surgery Page:620—625
55. Pedicled latissimus dorsi flap for breast reconstruction Page:613—619
56. Pedicle omentum flap harvested by laparoscopy in breast oncoplastic sugery Page:608—612
57. Research progress and application of breast reconstruction with free abdominal flap Page:601—607
58. Role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in premetastatic niche formation and tumor metastasis promotion Page:516—520
59. Progress and prospect of TNM staging system of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Page:510—515
60. Review in the surgical management for residual and recurrent neck lymph node of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy and chemotherapy Page:505—509
61. Analysis of setup errors in lung stereotactic body radiotherapy with cone-beam CT-based image guidance Page:501—504
62. The miR-509-5p/miR-124 ratio of liquid biopsies in diagnosis of bladder cancer Page:496—500
63. A comparative study of diagnostic performance between digital breast tomosynthesis and conventional imaging methods Page:487—495
64. Immunohistochemical analysis of OTUB1 in 90 cases of ovarian mucinous tumors Page:482—486
65. The impact of thyroglobulin antibody on efficacy of131I ablation in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma Page:476—481
66. Post-operative scar management in head and neck tumor Page:471—475
67. Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy for postoperative head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Page:463—470
68. The advances of clinical application of PET/CT in head and neck carcinoma Page:425—431
69. Diagnostic value of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration in assessment of cervical lymph node in head and neck carcinoma Page:421—424
70. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cervical lymph node diseases Page:415—420
71. The patterns of head and neck cancer incidence in Shanghai from 2003 to 2012 Page:406—414
72. The necessity of a specialized training program for head and neck surgeon: what should be done to become an extraordinary head and neck surgeon Page:401—405
73. Prognostic significance of peripheral absolute monocyte count, platelet-lymphocyte ratio in patients with primary nasal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma Page:376—382
74. Research on the relationship between fructose-1, 6-bisphosphatase and chemosensitivity of ovarian carcinoma Page:340—344
75. The influence of LRRC3B on esophageal cancer cell Eca109 migration, invasion and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway Page:345—352
76. A study on the set-up accuracy by using body plate with vacuum cushion and thermoplastic mask technique in comparison with the conventional arm support technique in thoracic tumor radiotherapy Page:396—400
77. The association between plasma TGF-α levels and EGFR-TKI treatment sensitivity and prognosis in NSCLC patients with EGFR mutation Page:389—395
78. Patterns of the first failure in completely resected stage ⅢA(N2) non-small cell lung cancer Page:383—388
79. A nomogram for the intraoperative prediction of non-sentinel lymph node metastasis in breast cancer patients Page:368—375
80. A study on the tendency of genetic alteration of STR loci in human lung cancer tissues Page:353—358
81. Clinicopathologic analysis of primary pulmonary myxoid sarcoma with EWSR1 translocation Page:334—339
82. Survival analysis of patients with lung cancer in Shanghai Page:326—333
83. The clinical interpretation of modified staging system for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors Page:321—325