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Volume: 20 Issue: 2

1. Application of a side-to-side stapled cervical esophagogastric anastomosis after three-incision esophagectomy for cancer Page:130—133
2. The discrimination of ~(18)F-FDG PET/CT detection of incidental ileocecal fluorodeoxyglucose uptake Page:125—129
3. Expression of XIAP in pancreatic carcinoma cell line BxPC-3 induced by gemcitabine Page:105—109
4. Chemotherapy in osteosarcoma Page:81—85
5. The high mobility group protein A2 and tumor Page:156—160
6. Fumagillin inhibits colorectal cancer growth and metastasis in mice: an in vivo and in vitro study of antiangiogenesis Page:86—94
7. Chk1 gene scijencing potentiates human hepatoma Huh7 cells to curcumin-induced apoptosis Page:95—100
8. Effects and mechanisms of ursolic acid on inducing apoptosis of human gastric carcinoma BGC823 cells Page:101—104
9. Analysis of gefitinib on brain metastases in 50 patients with non-small cell lung cancer Page:134—139
10. Sorafenib in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: adverse events and its management Page:140—143
11. Expression of Syndecan-1 and HPA-1 and their relationship with the invasion and metastasis of gastric carcinoma Page:110—115
12. Expression and clinical significance of HPSE, VEGF-C and D2-40 in thyroid carcinoma Page:116—120
13. Single nucleotide polymorphism in ATM and non-small cell lung cancer susceptibility Page:121—124
14. Clinical analysis of forty-nine patients with renal cell carcinoma of stage T_(1-3a)N_0M_0 combined with inflammatory enlargement of hilar lymph nodes Page:144—146
15. Intraabdominal infusion of paclitaxel in treating malignant ascites of gastric cancer: report of 6 cases Page:147—150
16. Flurbiprofen axetil injection combined with bilateral cervical plexus nerve block in thyroid carcinoma surgery as multimodal preemptive analgesia Page:151—155