WPRIM Management System> DCMS> China Oncology> 2010> 20> 1

Volume: 20 Issue: 1

1. Influence of oxymatrine on cell proliferation and VEGF expression in human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901 Page:22—26
2. Expression of survivin and caspase-3 in gastric cancer and its clinical significance Page:17—21
3. Helicobacter pylori-induced VEGF expression in human gastric cancer MKN45 cells mediated by COX-2 Page:1—5
4. Effect of P1k3 on the transcriptional activity of p73 in H1299 cells Page:6—11
5. Expression of the Sonic Hedgehog signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma and its significance Page:12—16
6. In vitro and in vivo models of osteosarcoma for research of enhanced green fluorescent protein expression Page:27—30
7. Experimental study on inhibiting angiogenesis in mice H22 hepatoma by low dosehydroxycamptothecin Page:31—35
8. Clinical research on utility of fluorescence in situ hybridization assay in the diagnosis of urothelial cancer Page:36—39
9. Risk of non-medullary thyroid cancer influenced by polymorphic variation in the thyroglobulin gene Page:40—43
10. The utility of high frequency endoscopic ultrasound mini probe for preoperative T-staging of gastric cancer Page:44—49
11. The patterns of metastatic cervical nodes in 779 cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:50—54
12. Proton MR spectroscopy of hepatocellular carcinoma patients at 1.5 Tesla Page:55—58
13. Analysis for the prognosis of patients with pulmonary carcinosarcoma Page:59—61
14. Applications of proteomics in biomarker research for colorectal cancer Page:62—65
15. Progress on breast cancer stem cells as a new target for the studies and treatment of breast cancer Page:66—69