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Volume: Issue: 9

1. Reversion of multidrug resistance in leukemia K562 cells by RNA interference targeting Apollon gene Page:713—720
2. Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma:a clinicopathological analysis Page:728—732
3. The effects of plumbagin on proliferation and metastasis in human liver cancer SK-hep-1 cells Page:721—727
4. Relationship between the rs760805 polymorphism of the RUNX3 gene and susceptibility to gastric cancer Page:709—712
5. Down-regulation of microRNA-187*expression in colorectal cancer and its roles in promoting cell ;apoptosis Page:703—708
6. The study of secretory clusterin on the biological behaviors of non-small cell lung cancer cells Page:697—702
7. Circulating and tumor miR-21 could predict irinotecan sensitivity in gastric cancer Page:744—750
8. Advances in breast cancer related nomograms Page:765—771
9. Factors inlfuencing survival time of advanced cancer patients who received palliative care Page:759—764
10. Lymph nodes metastases in central compartment of laryngeal cancer:A 11-year review of surgical ;treatment cases Page:751—758
11. The effect of paclitaxel on the peripheral blood lymphocytes in early stage breast cancer Page:737—743
12. Clinicopathologic features of collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney-report of 5 case and review ;of literature Page:733—736
13. Clinical analysis of 41 cases with resected multiple primary lung cancers Page:700—706
14. Breast calcification plays a major role in breast cancer:form radiology assessment to chemical composition analysis Page:707—712
15. Investigation of microRNA expression on Uygur cervical squamous cell carcinoma in southern Xinjiang Page:690—699
16. The expression of SOX-2 and β-catenin in gastric cancer and the relationship with recurrence and metastasis after operation Page:684—689
17. The expression of HER-2 and its prognostic implication in patients with non-small cell lung cancer Page:679—683
18. The value of ultrasound in detecting solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas Page:676—678
19. Relationship between single nucleotide polymorphisms in 2q35 rs13387042 and 8q24 rs13281615 and breast cancer risk of Han premenopausal women in Northern China Page:669—675
20. Relationship between EGFR protein phosphorylation,EGFR mutation and EGFR-TKI efifcacy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:657—668
21. The effects of angiotensinⅡ on the proliferation in human breast cancer cell line MCF-7 through AT1R/ERK/MAPK pathway Page:652—656
22. Increased expression of Hes1 and its effect on tumour-formation ability in colon cancer Page:646—651
23. The effect of simvastatin on the gap junction function of hepatocellular carcinoma cells Page:641—645
24. Application of PRVC ventilation mode in one-lung ventilation during pulmonary lobectomy Page:677—682
25. The clinical effects of pemetrexed or docetaxel combined with cisplatin as the first line treatment for advanced lung adenocarcinoma Page:671—676
26. Anti-tumor activities of CIK cells derived from lymph nodes of lung cancer patients Page:665—670
27. The long non-coding RNA HOTTIP promotes the proliferation of non-small cell lung cancer cells through the regulation of apoptosis Page:652—658
28. The roles ofHPV16E6,E7 andE6/E7 genes inSTK31 promoter/exon1 methylation and expression levels in cervical cancer cell lines Page:641—651
29. The effect of miR-1284 over-expression on gene expression proifling and invasion/metastasis of human gastric cancer SGC-7901 cells Page:659—664