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Volume: Issue: 8

1. Treatment progress of local recurrence of breast cancer Page:596—602
2. Single-center report of 118 cases of free abdominal lfaps for breast reconstruction Page:576—583
3. The MRI of ductal carcinoma in situ with pathology grade Page:631—636
4. Application and evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging in the multidisciplinary treatment of breast cancer Page:613—617
5. Advanced applications of digital mammography imaging Page:609—612
6. Advance of clinicopathological and molecular research of triple negative breast cancer Page:603—608
7. The role of intraoperatve radiotherapy in the management of breast cancer Page:590—595
8. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy:The touchstone of targeted therapy of HER-2 positive breast cancer Page:584—589
9. CTC detection at different stages and various subtypes of breast cancer Page:570—575
10. The epidemic and characteristics of female breast cancer in China Page:561—569
11. The clinical value of liquid tumor biomarker detection for breast cancer Page:636—640
12. Recent advances of molecular genetic characteristics of small cell lung cancer Page:630—635
13. Clinical observation of pemetrexed contrast to the best supportive care in the patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:626—629
14. Clinical observation of efficacy and safety of pemetrexed plus platinum as the first-line chemotherapy with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer Page:610—614
15. The expression and clinical significance of microRNA-214 in pancreatic cancer Page:594—598
16. Serum levels of fatty acid synthase in colorectal cancer patients and its clinical significance Page:622—625
17. The clinical evaluation of EOF5 regimen, the combination of epirubicin, oxaliplatin and 5-day continuous infusion of 5-FU, for patients with advanced/metastatic gastric cancer Page:615—621
18. Expression and interaction mechanism of PAX6 in human non-small cell lung cancer Page:604—609
19. Soluble P-selectin and L-selectin levels in serum of colorectal cancer patients and its clinical significance Page:599—603
20. PLAGL1 gene expression and methylation level and correlation with SDHB mutations in benign and malignant pheochromocytoma Page:589—593
21. The anti-apoptotic effect of c-fos in drug-resistant breast cancer cells Page:581—588
22. The role of rs10993994 for the transcriptional activity of MSMB gene in prostate cancer cell lines Page:575—580
23. Methylation status and expression of RASSF10 gene in gastric cardia adenocarcinoma Page:568—574
24. Effect of costimulatory molecule B7-H3 on the biological characteristics of esophageal cancer Eca-109 cell line Page:561—567
25. Effect of intraoperative amino acid infusion on postoperative liver and renal function in elderly patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery Page:614—618
26. A retrospective study of axillary and internal mammary sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy Page:608—613
27. The role of diffusion-weighted imaging for breast MRI Page:602—607
28. miR-216a-5p inhibits invasion ability in human lung cancer cells by down-regulation of MMP16 expression Page:588—594
29. Study of impact of operation time interval after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally progressed rectal patients’ outcome Page:635—640
30. Evaluation of axillary lymph nodes response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer Page:629—634
31. Comparison of clinical data of lung cancer between elderly and middle-aged patients accepting operations Page:624—628
32. Thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy for clinical stageⅠ lung cancer Page:619—623
33. PTEN protein loss is associated with an increased risk of recurrence in Chinese patients after prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer Page:595—601
34. Effect ofPTP1B gene on the proliferation and migration of human gastric cancer cell lines Page:579—587
35. Correlation between P38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transduction pathway and uPA expression in ovarian cancer Page:572—578
36. Construction of recombinant lentivirus vector containing retinoic acid-induced gene G and its effect on human lung cancer A549 cell line Page:566—571
37. The recent advances in breast cancer stem cells Page:624—630,636
38. The relationship between chemokines and breast cancer Page:618—623,636