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Volume: 25 Issue: 11

1. Diagnostic value of ultrasonography in predicting neck lymph node metastasis in Hashimoto's thyroiditis with papillary carcinoma Page:962—965
2. Advances in imaging diagnosis of hepatic epithelioid hemangioendothelioma Page:1008—1011
3. Application study of an intelligent three-dimensional ultrasound imaging in obtaining for fetal cranial mid-sagittal view Page:953—956
4. Diagnostic value of nuchal translucency thickness and facial profile ultrasonic markers for trisomy 21 syndrome in the first-trimester fetuses Page:957—961
5. Targeted multifunctional nanoparticles probe mediated photoacoustic imaging and treatment study of breast carcinoma in vitro Page:996—1001
6. Experimental study on construction of ultrasound microbubbles co-carrying pAd-EGFP/SDF-1α and pAd-RFP/BMP2 Page:1002—1007
7. Study of left ventricular diastolic function in hypertensive patients with different left ventricular geometric patterns by vector flow mapping Page:926—931
8. Evaluation of intra-and interatrial synchronization in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation by dual gate Doppler Page:937—941
9. Prenatal diagnosis of isolated mirror-image right aortic arch with vascular ring by fetal echocardiography Page:948—952
10. Diagnostic value of puncture feeling combined with fine-needle aspiration cytology for thyroid nodules Page:966—969
11. Analysis for complications of biliary tract after percutaneous thermal ablation for liver cancer Page:970—974
12. Value of color Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of urinary tract urothelial carcinoma Page:975—979
13. Assessment of pelvic floor morphology in women with chronic proctalgia by dnamic transperineal ultrasound Page:984—989