WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography> 2014> 23> 1

Volume: 23 Issue: 1

1. Evaluation of the right ventricular regional systolic function in patients with acute pulmonary embolism by two dimensional speckle tracking imaging Page:7—10
2. Echocardiographic diagnosis of congenital mitral valve malformation Page:11—15
3. Echocardiographic diagnosis of parachute mitral valve Page:16—19
4. Assessment of choroid in diabetes mellitus patients by using integrated backscatter Page:32—34
5. Enhancement characterization of breast masses of contrast-enhanced ultrasound: comparison with MRI Page:44—48
6. Diagnostic value of high frequency ultrasound in asymptomatic hyperuricemia Page:49—53
7. Prediction of treatment response for cardiac resynchronization therapy by left ventricular twist using three-dimensional speckle tracking imaging in a heart failure canine model Page:57—61
8. Ultrasound-guided chemical ablation using compound lauromacrogol in treatment of tumor xenograft Page:62—65
9. Assessment of left ventricular performance in patients with essential hypertension by global performance index based on three-dimensional speckle tracking imaging Page:1—6
10. Applicative value of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging in differential diagnosis of small hypoechoic thyroid nodules Page:27—31
11. Diagnostic value of high frequency ultrasound in the sebaceous gland carcinoma of eyelid Page:35—39
12. Value of high frequency sonography in diagnosis of peripheral nerve lipofibroma hamartoma Page:54—56
13. Reparation of human epithelial growth factor receptor 2-targeted polymer ultrasound contrast agents with liquid perfluorocarbons and in vitro experiment Page:66—70
14. Preparation and in vitro-targeted study of liquid perfluorocarbons-filled nanocapsules ultrasound contrast agent Page:71—75