WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography> 2010> 19> 1

Volume: 19 Issue: 1

1. Assessment of antiangiogenic therapeutics effect in a mouse hepatoma model using contrast-enhanced gray-scale ultrasound Page:61—64
2. Primary study of real time elastosonography in estimating the characteristic of nodes in resected hepatocirrhosis specimens Page:29—31
3. Evaluation of left ventricular systolic function by measuring the mitral annular displacement with speckle tracking imaging Page:5—7
4. Mice cardiovascular imaging using ultrasound biomicroscopy in comparison with magnetic resonance imaging Page:56—60
5. Observation on the optimal brakingtime for ultrasonography of traumatic lipohemarthosis Page:47—50
6. Value of three-dimensional endometrial volume and 3-dimensional power Doppler imaging in predicting endometrial polyps and endometrial hyperplasia Page:40—42
7. Hemodynamics of hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia with contrast-enhanced ultrasonography Page:21—24
8. Assessment of left atrial function by speckle tracking imaging and real-time three-dimensional echocardiography in patients with essential hypertension Page:8—11
9. Evaluation of left ventricular systolic synchrony in patients with Ⅲ grade atrio-ventricular block after pacemaker implantation by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography Page:1—4
10. Study of left ventricular transmural mechanics at peri - infarct myocardium in vivo using tissue Doppler strain imaging Page:51—55
11. Study on the correlation between contrast-enhanced ultrasound perfusion imaging typing and vascularization Page:25—28
12. Effects of chronic intrauterine hypoxia on intimal-media thickening and strain rate of abdominal aorta of male offspring rabbits during adult age Page:73—76
13. Experimental study of microwave ablation in ex vivo and in vivo livers using a new type of internally cooled microwave antenna: relationship between short-axis diameter of coagulation necrosis and microwave power Page:70—72
14. Value of spatio-temporal image correlation in prenatal diagnosis of complex heart malformations Page:43—46
15. Predicting changes of fertility index after varicocelectomy on color Doppler ultrasonography Page:36—39
16. The value of contrast enhanced ultrasound in diagnosis of benign and malignant prostatic neoplasms Page:32—35
17. Diagnosis of small focal nodular lesions in patients with liver cirrhosis: comparison between contrast-enhanced ultrasound and contrast-enhanced helical CT Page:16—20
18. Initial clinical study of virtual touch quantification for evaluation of hepatic fibrosis of chronic liver disease Page:12—15
19. Experimental study on phase timing of rabbit liver VX2 tumor by contrast-enhanced ultrasonography : comparison with multidetector spiral CT Page:65—69