WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography> 2008> 17> 3

Volume: 17 Issue: 3

1. Prenatal sonographic diagnosis on agenesis of fetal corpus callosum Page:224—226
2. Quantitative study on the volume of lateral cerebral ventricle in neonates with three-dimensional ultrasonography Page:221—223
3. Comparison of tomographic ultrasound image with routine ultrasonography in fetal heart screening Page:217—220
4. Assessment of left ventricular rotation by velocity vector imaging Page:193—196
5. Postoperative echocardiographic evaluation of modified Blalock-Taussig shunts Page:204—206
6. Quantitative assessment of left ventricular torsion in normal subjects using vector velocity imaging Page:197—199
7. Study on myocardial acceleration of the normal left ventricular wall by velocity vector imaging Page:189—192
8. The role of real-time three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography in mitral valve repair Page:185—188
9. Low mechanical index contrast-enhanced sonographic findings of hepatic tuberculosis Page:240—242
10. Evaluating carotid atherosclerotic plaques stability with contrast-enhanced ultrasonography Page:214—216
11. Prenatal diagnosis of fetal dysplastic kidney with normal amniotic fluid volume by ultrasonography Page:227—230
12. Velocity vector imaging of carotid artery soft plaque wall motion:a pilot study Page:211—213
13. Echocardiographic evaluation and its clinical significance of atrial septal aneurysm Page:207—210
14. The prognostic value of tissue Doppler imaging in acute myocardial infarction patients Page:200—203
15. Interventional treatment of hepatic or splenic trauma under the guidance of contrast-enhanced ultrasound:an animal experiment Page:254—257
16. Ultrasonographic manifestations of the wrestler's ear Page:247—249
17. Preliminary clinical study on contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the peripheral pulmonary tumors Page:243—246
18. Application Of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in diagnosis of hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplantation Page:237—239
19. Sonographic diagnosis of fetal congenital diaphragm hernia Page:234—236
20. Research in QGY/CDDP hepatoma lines multi-drug resistance reversed by ultrasound contrast agent joint ultrasound mediating ASODN of drug resistance gene transfection Page:258—261
21. Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction assessment by tissue Doppler imaging in a suprarenal abdominal aortic coarctation model of Lewis rat Page:250—253
22. Diagnosis of congenital anomoly of pediatric kidneys by high frequency ultrasound Page:231—233