WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Critical Care Medicine> 2017> 29> 7

Volume: 29 Issue: 7

1. Comprehensive effect of subglottic secretion drainage on patients with mechanical ventilation in ICU:a Meta-analysis Page:586—591
2. Advance in the role of innate lymphoid cells in inflammation Page:666—669
3. Effect of CRRT on the clearance of antibiotics in the treatment of sepsis Page:662—665
4. Advances in biomarkers of ARDS Page:656—661
5. Research advances of the role of inflammatory responses in ARDS Page:651—655
6. Research progress of IQGAP1 in the pathogenesis of ARDS induced by sepsis Page:647—650
7. Application of low damage endotracheal intubation in patients undergoing extra long-term endotracheal intubation:a case report Page:644—646
8. Experimental animal study of cerebral oxygen metabolism changes during the process of brain death Page:640—643
9. Effects of multimodal combination dialysis on Klotho protein, FGF-23 and BNP in patients with maintenance hemodialysis Page:636—639
10. Diagnosing value of fasting blood glucose on MODSE caused by pulmonary infection in elderly patients with diabetes Page:633—635
11. Effect of external abdominal aorta compression on circulation during anesthesia induction in elderly patients Page:629—632
12. Ventilator bundle guided by context of JCI settings can effectively reduce the morbidity of ventilator-associated pneumonia Page:624—628
13. Predictive value of ultrasonic diaphragm thickening fraction on successful weaning for patients with myasthenia gravis crisis Page:619—623
14. Clinical characteristics and prognosis in patients with high plasma level of procalcitonin: an analysis in 188 patients Page:613—618
15. Effect of multidrug resistant associated protein 4 overexpression on lipopolysaccharide-induced vascular endothelial hyperpermeability and its mechanism Page:608—612
16. Analysis of factors affecting the prognosis of ICU patients by multiple logistic regression model: a retrospective cohort study of 1299 patients in 12 consecutive years Page:602—607
17. Regulation of paxillin tyrosine phosphorylation via inhibition of c-Abl kinase to protect ventilator induce lung injury in vivo in rats Page:596—601
18. Expressions of microRNA-127-5p in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with severe pneumonia and its diagnostic value Page:592—595
19. Clinical significance of early immunological paralysis in patients with severe H1N1 influenza A Page:581—585