WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Critical Care Medicine> 2017> 29> 5

Volume: 29 Issue: 5

1. Effect of endotracheal tube with subglottic suction line to stop tracheostomy bleeding in critical patients Page:477—478
2. Preparation and application of cooling bag for heat stroke in wild field Page:479—480
3. A caseof the severe human infection by avian influenza H7N9 was rescued successfully by the sepsis bundle Page:473—476
4. Intervention effect of Qingzao Runfei Huazhuo Xingxue decoction on PM2.5-induced pulmonary injury in mice Page:465—468
5. Clinical analysis of 53 patients withClostridium botulinum food poisoning Page:459—464
6. Value of preoperative pulmonary artery diastolic pressure on predicting primary graft dysfunction after bilateral lung transplantation for patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Page:442—447
7. Predictive value of cerebrospinal fluid lactate for the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis in patients post- neurosurgical operation with blood-contaminated cerebrospinal fluid Page:425—430
8. Preventive effect of Vitamin B supplementation on recurrent stroke: a Meta-analysis Page:419—424
9. Effect of chest physiotherapy in patients undergoing mechanical ventilation: a prospective randomized controlled trial Page:403—406,412
10. Effect of esmolol on hemodynamics and clinical outcomes in patients with septic shock Page:390—395
11. Efficacy and safety of colistimethate sodium in critical patients: anin vitro study by using of Monte Carlo simulation Page:385—389
12. Prevention of traditional Chinese medicine Gubiao Pixie prescription for nosocomial infection in elderly population Page:469—472
13. Reliability and validity of four-level and three-district triage standards in emergency department: a randomized sampling cross-sectional study of 1106 adult patients Page:453—458
14. Comparison of risk of death between older and non-older critical patients in ICU: a retrospective cohort study of consecutive 3 years Page:448—452
15. Procedural analysis of acid-base balance disorder: case serials in 4 patents Page:436—441
16. Preoperative risk factors analysis of pulmonary hypertension crisis during perioperative period for caesarean section of woman with severe pulmonary hypertension Page:431—435
17. Efficacy of 20% albumin infusion on coagulation and pulmonary fibrosis in rabbits with ARDS Page:407—412
18. High-flow nasal cannulae oxygen in patients with respiratory failure: a Meta-analysis Page:396—402
19. Predictive value of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction on mechanical ventilation weaning Page:413—418