WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Critical Care Medicine> 2017> 29> 2

Volume: 29 Issue: 2

1. Research progress in the multiple organ dysfunction syndrome caused by heat stroke Page:188—192
2. Advances in immunotherapeutic research of sepsis Page:184—187
3. Progress in relationship of the long non-coding RNA and sepsis Page:181—183
4. Application of quality control chart in quality control for nosocomial infection in intensive care unit Page:172—176
5. Plasma level of neutrophil extracellular traps in septic patients and its clinical significance: a prospective observational study Page:122—126
6. Formulation of combined predictive indicators using logistic regression model in predicting sepsis and prognosis Page:139—144
7. Suppressive effect of CORM-2 on platelet α-granule exocytosis in sepsis via SNARE/Munc18b complex formation Page:156—161
8. Bacterial endotoxin-induced endothelial cell injury and calcium overload associated with Toll-like receptor and calcium signal Page:150—155
9. Predictive value of four different scoring systems for septic patient's outcome: a retrospective analysis with 311 patients Page:133—138
10. Antithrombin Ⅲ for early diagnosis of DIC in sepsis patients: a retrospective analysis with 445 patients Page:127—132
11. Albumin corrected anion gap is an independent risk factor for long-term mortality of patients with sepsis Page:117—121
12. Comparison of effect of norepinephrine and terlipressin on patients with ARDS combined with septic shock: a prospective single-blind randomized controlled trial Page:111—116
13. Effect of vitamin D3 on the severity and prognosis of patients with sepsis: a prospective randomized double-blind placebo study Page:106—110
14. A multicenter confirmatory study about precision and practicability of Sepsis-3 Page:99—105