WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Critical Care Medicine> 2014> 26> 6

Volume: 26 Issue: 6

1. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicin in animal model of lung injury induced by paraquat: a Meta-analysis Page:399—404
2. Tumor necrosis factor-α induced protein 6 attenuates acute kidney injury following paraquat poisoning in rats Page:405—408
3. The role of Nrf2 in the hydrogen treatment for intestinal injury caused by severe sepsis Page:415—419
4. Correlation of intestinal fatty acid binding protein and intestinal injury in severe sepsis Page:420—424
5. Erythromycin for improving enteral nutrition tolerance in adult critical patients: a systematic review and Meta-analysis Page:425—430
6. The effects of preconditioning and postconditioning with isoflurane on focal cerebral ischemi/reperfusion injury in rats Page:431—435
7. Relationship between endothelial damage and p120-catenin in paraquat intoxication and the protective effect of mangiferin Page:369—373
8. Early acute liver injury in paraquat poisoning rats Page:374—378
9. An analysis of relevant factors of early death in acute paraquat poisoning Page:379—382
10. Total flavonoids from astragalus complanatus attenuates lung injury following paraquat poisoning in rats through inhibiting excessive endoplasmic reticulum stress and c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway Page:383—387
11. Hypoxia/reoxygenation and lipopolysaccharide induced nuclear factor-κB and hypoxia-inducible factor-1α signaling pathways in intestinal epithelial cell injury and the interventional effect of emodin Page:409—414
12. The interventional effect of Xuebijing injection on expression of mitochondrial fusion protein 2 and the ultrastructure changes in lung tissues in rats with paraquat poisoning Page:388—393