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Volume: Issue: 10

1. Research of 24-hour dynamic sleep monitoring and melatonin changes in patients with delirium in intensive care unit Page:726—729
2. The effects of different mechanical ventilation flow model on the peak airway pressure during cardiopulmonary resuscitation Page:722—725
3. Effects of the β-blockers on cardiac protection and hemodynamics in patients with septic shock:a prospective study Page:714—717
4. Efficacy and safety of early rapid infusion of icy normal saline in patients after cardiopulmonary resuscitation Page:710—713
5. Effects of levosimendan on hemodynamics and cardiac function in patients with septic shock Page:692—696
6. Logistic regression analysis on risk factors of cerebral hemorrhage complicated with stress ulcer Page:730—733
7. Effects of interrupted abdominal aorta compression on cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation after cardiac arrest in rabbit Page:718—721
8. Prognostic value of decreased vasopressin modulation in the late-phase of septic shock patients Page:706—709
9. Values of mixed venous oxygen saturation and difference of mixed venous-arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide in monitoring of oxygen metabolism and treatment after open-heart operation Page:701—705
10. The relationship between sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+modulation proteins and postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction Page:697—700
11. A study of using dexmedetomidine in ventilator bundle treatment in an ICU Page:836—840
12. The influence of continuous venovenous hemofiltration on parameter measurement by the transpulmonary thermodilution technique Page:831—835
13. "Reproduction of a model of ""two-hit"" sepsis model with complication of pneumonia in rat" Page:805—810
14. Effect of prone position ventilation on respiratory mechanics and prognosis in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome concurrent with interstitial lung disease Page:785—790
15. The influence of the sedation based on remifentanil analgesia on the occurrence of delirium in critically ill patients Page:845—849
16. The therapeutic effect of high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy for the first imported case of Middle East respiratory syndrome to China Page:841—844
17. A comparison of degree of precision of auscultation, partial pressure of carbon dioxide in end-expiration, and transillumination technique in verifying accurate position of endotracheal tube Page:826—830
18. Role and mechanism of the NOD-like receptor 3 inflammasome in ventilator-induced lung injury in rats Page:821—825
19. Investigation of reference intervals of blood gas and acid-base analysis assays in China Page:816—820
20. Anti-inflammatory effect of acetylcholine on lipopolysaccharide induced inflammatory response of alveolar macrophages Page:811—815
21. Effect of sivelestat sodium on the prognosis of patients with acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome:a meta-analysis Page:800—804
22. The significance of multi-criteria decision analysis for the bundle treatment of severe pneumonia Page:796—799
23. Effect of location and type of exhalation valve on carbon dioxide rebreathing during noninvasive positive pressure ventilation:a experimental study Page:791—795