Volume: 25 Issue: 3

1. Analysis on syndrome differentiation and treatment of "heat fecaloma with watery discharge" in critically ill elderly patients Page:225—227
2. Effects of hydrogen-rich water on expression of aquaporin 4 in brain tissue of rats after traumatic brain injury Page:228—232
3. The effects of salidroside on cognitive function and expression of inflammatory factor in diabetic rats Page:233—236
4. The efficacy of high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in preventing postoperative respiratory failure:a Meta-analysis Page:237—241
5. Effect of Tanreqing injection on levels of inflammatory mediators in patients with acute lung injury Page:242—245
6. Effect of cerebral edema on multiple organ dysfunction in patients with exertional heat stroke Page:246—249
7. An analysis of pathogenic bacterial distribution and its effect on the expression of apoptosis protein in patients of acute cerebral infarction complicated with pulmonary infection Page:250—253
8. Intervention effect of Xuebijing injection on coagulation function of patients with severe sepsis Page:254—256
9. Effect of clinical efficacy of Yiaikang capsules on patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome Page:257—259
10. Effect of Xingnao Kaiqiao acupuncture on clinical efficacy of patients with mild cognitive impairment after stroke and its mechanism Page:260—263
11. Clinical observation on therapeutic effect of Dachaihu decoction for treating stroke-associated pneumonia in senile patients with excess-heat syndrome Page:264—267
12. The effects of different modes of blood purification on related physiological and biochemical indexes in patients with maintenance of hemodialysis Page:268—271
13. Effects of early enteral nutrition support on immune function in patients with severe acute pancreatitis Page:272—274
14. Clinical effect of Jianpi Xiaotang granule on mechanical ventilated patients with stress hyperglycemia Page:275—277
15. Significance of serum inflammatory markers and their predictive value for occurrence of left atrial appendage thrombosis in patients with atrial fibrillation Page:278—282
16. Investigation and analysis of level and influencing factors for knowledge, attitude and practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation among community residents in Shacheng district of Wenzhou City Page:283—287
17. Analysis of clinical therapeutic effect of arthroscopic operation for treatment of patients with rotator cuff tears Page:288—291
18. Establishment of patient-centered nursing mode and its effect on stress reaction at peri-operational period and postoperative rehabilitation of emmergency surgical patients Page:292—296
19. The effect of daily quality checklist on intensive care unit severe patients with hospital associated infection Page:297—301
20. Effect analysis and establishment of green nursing channel for emergency patients with severe acute traumatic shock Page:302—304
21. Some suggestions on standardized training of resident doctors in a primary hospital Page:305—307
22. Clinical observation on ebastine combined with Runzao Zhiyang capsule in treatment of chronic urticaria Page:308—310
23. The experience of treating pulmonary encephalopathy with Angong Niuhuangwan Page:311—313
24. Observation on the role of Mongolia medicine pulse diagnosis in evaluation of disease situation of critically ill patients in department of emergency Page:314—315
25. Application value of optimized nursing service in outpatient and emergency transfusion room Page:316—318
26. Nursing experience of ventricular intracranial pressure monitoring after craniotomy Page:319—321
27. The clinical application of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in diagnosis of non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome Page:322—323
28. Experience from nursing of splenic artery embolization patients after liver transplantation Page:324—325
29. An analysis on one emergent case of delayed amniotic fluid embolism complicated with acute pituitary crisis leading to difficult weaning Page:326—329
30. New progress of nutrition for severe patients at home and abroad Page:330—333
31. Application and research progress of X-ray digital tomosynthesis in skeletal system imaging Page:334—336