Volume: 25 Issue: 1

1. A preliminary analysis on using traditional Chinese medicine differentiation thinking for treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst induced by severe acute pancreatitis Page:5—8
2. Study on pathogenesis and traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation of acute lung injury Page:9—14
3. Effects of Xingzhi Yinao particles combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy on cognitive and motor dysfunction in patients with delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning Page:15—19
4. Application of peritoneal catheter via pneumoperitoneum puncturation in cerebral spinal fluid peritoneal shunt surgery Page:20—23
5. Cerebrospinal fluid characteristics of patients with intracranial infection after craniotomy in department of neurosurgery: clinical analysis of 310 cases Page:24—27
6. Effects of Chinese rhubarb and ephedra prescription on pulmonary function and blood pressure rhythm in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in remission stage Page:28—32
7. Therapeutic effect of Lianggesan for treatment of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome Page:33—35,48
8. An investigation on early identification and comprehensive intervention for reducing risk of acute poisoning with inhalation pneumonia Page:36—39
9. The effects of ticagrelor and clopidogrel on inflammatory factors after emergent percutaneous coronary intervention plus thrombus aspiration in patients with acute myocardial infarction Page:40—43
10. Effect and mechanism of dexmedetomidine combined with sufentanil on postoperative analgesia in elderly patients with abdominal surgery Page:44—48
11. Observation on curative effect of Huoxuehuayu prescription for treatment of Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis in children Page:49—52
12. Effect of enteral nutrition support containing equal non-protein calories but different protein contents on protein metabolism of elderly patients with severe pneumonia Page:53—56
13. Discussion on nutritional status of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease under mechanical ventilation based on cold-heat/deficiency-excess syndrome differentiation in traditional Chinese medicine Page:57—61
14. The effect of enteral immune nutrition on occurrence of acute kidney injury in patients with sepsis Page:62—65
15. The effects of enteral immunonutrition on cell immune level and clinical efficacy in patients with severe tuberculous Page:66—69
16. Study on application of Supportan in elderly bedridden patients with enteral nutrition support Page:70—71,84
17. A clinical study of elderly chemotherapy patients with malignant hematopathy combined with blood stream infection Page:72—75
18. Observation on clinical effect of continuous venous-venous hemofiltration combined with hemoperfusion for treatment of hypertriglyceridemia pancreatitis Page:76—80
19. Effect of omni-directional health education on self management level and blood glucose control in type 2 diabetic patients Page:81—84
20. Clinical effect of catheter fixation device in fixing venous indwelling needle Page:85—87,92
21. Effect of Taohua decoction on antibiotic associated diarrhea in intenive care unit: a multi-central randomized controlled study Page:88—92
22. Effect of Tanshinone ⅡA injection on intestinal mucosal tight junction protein in severe rat septic models Page:93—98
23. Instance analysis on medical disputes in a provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and related questionnaire survey Page:99—103
24. Analysis of existing problems of patients' physical restraint in intensive care unit and nursing strategies Page:104—105
25. Treatment experience of ataxia syndrome caused by excessive use of "White & Black Tablet" Page:106—107
26. Advances about application of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy for adult emergency patients Page:108—110