Volume: 24 Issue: 4

1. Thrombolytic therapy for treatment of Moyamoya disease and acute cerebral infarction: a successful case report Page:435—436
2. The clinical therapeutic effect and nursing experience of using artificial liver bilirubin specific adsorption for treatment of patients with hyperbilirubinemia Page:426—428
3. Effects of rhubarb and ephedra prescription on pulmonary function and blood pressure circadian rhythm in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:380—384
4. The effect of autophagy on hyperalgesia and astrocytic activation in rats with inflammatory pain Page:364—368
5. A predictive value of post-thrombolysis hemorrhagic transformation in acute cerebral infarction predicted by Alberta stroke program early CT score, hemorrhage after thrombolysis score and related factors Page:351—354,408
6. Clinical therapeutic effect and machanism of Chaishi fever particles on patients with epidemic encephalitis B Page:340—342,363
7. A statement of possibility of acupuncturing Shuigou improves neural function prognosis in patients after cardiac arrest Page:337—339
8. Research progress of treating osteoporosis with Longspur epimedium Page:445—448
9. Research progress on start timing of renal replacement therapy Page:442—444
10. Defects existing in sepsis clinical research Page:439—441
11. Effects of limited fluid resuscitation on immune function and inflammatory mediators in patients with multiple bone fractures complicated with traumatic hemorrhagic shock Page:393—395,400
12. A study on effect of vaporized perfluorocarbon combined with exogenous surfactant inhalation on rabbit models of acute lung injury Page:374—379
13. Clinical research on effect of Xijiaodihuang decoction for treatment of elderly patients with sepsis Page:359—363
14. An experimental study on brain protective effect of Sini decoction on post-resuscitation syndrome Page:355—358
15. The clinical therapeutic effect of acupuncture combined with Vitalstim electric stimulation therapy on dysphagia after ischemic stroke Page:346—350
16. Evaluation of clinical efficacy of continuous gastrointestinal decompression after gastric lavage with edible oil for treatment of patients with oral aluminum phosphide poisoning Page:433—434
17. First aid and nursing experience of local anesthetic lidocaine poisoning Page:437—438
18. Intervention effects of fluid wax on adhesive small bowel obstruction Page:423—425
19. Clinical observation on Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang powder for treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis accompanied by yang-deficiency of spleen and kidney: a report of 80 cases Page:419—422
20. Comparison of therapeutic effects between different blood purification therapies for treatment of patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome Page:415—418
21. Influence of Xuebijing injection on inflammatory factors in patinets with Stanford B aortic dissection after endovascular repair Page:389—392
22. The effect of Dachengqi decoction combined withβ-aescine on pulmonary function in patients with acute lung injury after chest trauma Page:385—388
23. Analysis and counter measures of working stress related factors of nurses in intensive care unit: report from three top hospitals in Beijing Page:429—432
24. Therapeutic effect of oxiracetam combined with dexamethasone for treatment of patients with severe acute carbon monoxide poisoning Page:405—408
25. Study on relationship between SLC26A4 gene IVS16+10C>T mutation and hereditary deafness Page:401—404
26. Clinical curative effect of sulfotanshinone sodium injection for treatment of patients with sudden deafness Page:396—400
27. The value of selection of appropriate catheter to vein ratio to prevent development of complication of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis related to peripherally inserted central venous catheter in patients at intensive care unit Page:369—373
28. Investigation on clinical significance of using Astragalus injection combined with sub-hibernation to patients with severe craniocerebral injury Page:343—345