Volume: 24 Issue: 3

1. Study on relationship between lower extremity venous thrombotic disease and seasons Page:307—309
2. Metabolic differences of tacrolimus between patients with combined liver and kidney transplantation and patients with single liver or single kidney transplantation Page:304—306
3. An observation on application of modified perfusion device pre-flushing method in double plasma molecular adsorption system treatment and nursing care effect on patients with liver failure Page:294—299
4. Retrospective analysis on risk factors of respiratory depression during recovery period in 374 cases after having undergone general anesthesia and laparoscopic operation Page:290—293
5. Comparisons on functional capacities of simple breathing balloon extruded by different hand types and methods Page:287—289
6. A clinical research of Xuebijing for treatment of blood capillary leak syndrome Page:274—277,299
7. The value of CT scan in diagnosis of left atrial appendage thrombus in patients with atrial fibrillation before radiofrequency ablation Page:270—273
8. The clinical effect of benzene sulfonic amlodipine combined with Yangxueqingnao granules on patients with hypertensive urgencies with acute headache Page:253—256
9. An observation on clinical efficacy of paeoniae decoction add and subtract combined with mesalazine for treatment of ulcerative colitis Page:239—242
10. The influence of enteral nutrition liquid rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on clinical therapeutic effect in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome undergoing mechanical ventilation Page:316—319
11. Using predictive care in stage divided treatment and salvage of child persistent epileptic status Page:323—325
12. "Based on ""pulmonary gangrene"" warming yang and supporting, promoting blood circulation and Huoxuegongtan method for treatment of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis" Page:320—322
13. Effect of Huangxiong Kangshuan capsule on inflammatory factors in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:246—248
14. The effects of continuous glucose monitoring used in septic shock patients with different tissue perfusion Page:278—282
15. Effect of methylene blue on liver inducible nitric oxide synthase in rats with different stages of sepsis Page:225—229
16. Application of non opioids analgesic drugs in adult at intensive care unit Page:333—336
17. Progress of multi-drug resistant bacteria and clinical treatment strategies Page:328—332
18. One case report on Kawasaki disease complicated with coronary aneurysm and secondary cardio-cerebrovascular disease and literature review Page:326—327
19. Clinical observation on therapeutic effect of bloodletting therapy for treatment of patients with piriformis injury syndrome Page:313—315
20. The liver protective effect of Shuganning injection on patients with drug poisoning Page:310—312
21. Evaluation effect of multi-detector CT on pulmonary changes in post-operative adult receptor of liver transplantation complicated with acute respiratory distress syndrome Page:300—303
22. Effect of body mass index on prognosis of patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:283—286
23. Influence on curative effect and blood brain barrier function of minimally invasive puncture drainage in treatment of patients with hypertensive intra-cerebral hemorrhage Page:249—252
24. Preventive effect of Taohong Siwu decoction on the formation of lower extremity deep vein thrombosis in patients with cerebral hemorrhage Page:243—245
25. The epidemiologic characteristics and effects of complications on outcome of patients with severe acute pancreatitis in intensive care unit in north area of Guizhou province Page:234—238
26. The effect of medium chain triglyceride on blood lipid and expression of leptin in myocardium of rats fed with high fat diet Page:230—233
27. Clinical significance of early diagnostic value of urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in acute kidney injury in sepsis patients Page:267—269
28. The value of serum procalcitonin clearance rate in therapeutic effect and prognosis of patients with severe craniocerebral injury complicated with pulmonary infection Page:262—266
29. Intracranial hematoma micro-invasive craniopuncture scavenging technique in patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage: a Meta-analysis Page:257—261