Volume: 24 Issue: 1

1. Clinical application of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for treatment of adult acute respiratory distress syndrome Page:40—43
2. An observation on clinical effect of quadruple therapy of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment of paralytic ileus Page:36—39
3. Effect of tetramethylpyrazine injection on serum cytokines and cardiac function in patients with sepsis myocardial damage Page:17—20
4. Correlation analysis of serum cardiac troponin Ⅰ and clinical efficacy observation of Wushen decoction for treatment of patients with sepsis heart failure Page:10—13
5. Test of Sepsis 3.0 for diagnosis and prognosis of the septic patients in the intensive care unit Page:6—9
6. "From 3 levels of ""path"", ""method"" and ""technique"" to see the clinical significance of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine in critical care medicine: from the point of view of rescue and treatment of one patient with severe abdominal hypertension syndrome complicated with multiple organ distress syndrome" Page:3—5
7. "The creation and development of theories of ""combined treatment of bacteria and toxin"" and ""three patterns and three methods"": ""combined treatment of bacteria, toxin and inflammation"" and ""four patterns and four methods"" (1)" Page:1—2
8. Experience of diagnosis and treatment of aortic dissection with sudden loss of consciousness accompanied by limb numbness as the first symptom Page:97—
9. Hyperbaric oxygen combined with drugs for treatment of contact dermatitis: a case report Page:96—
10. An observation on therapeutic effect of alfacalcidol pulse therapy for treatment of patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism in regular hemodialysis Page:94—95
11. An analysis on clinical therapeutic effect of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment of critically ill patients with influenza A H1N1 Page:92—93
12. Pathological observation of degenerative aortic valve disease Page:89—91
13. Influence of ginsenoside Rb1 pretreatment on expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor in rat hippocampus after acute immobilization stress Page:82—84
14. The influence on B-type natriuretic peptide, cardiac troponin Ⅰ and D-dimer after intervention in CX3CL1 of acute pulmonary embolism by curcumin Page:78—81
15. Effects of traditional Chinese medicine Yiqi Huoxue Tongluo Jiedu prescription on pneumocyte apoptosis and c-Jun N-terminal protein kinase pathway in mice after lung ischemia/reperfusion injury Page:73—77
16. A clinical research of Salvianolate for treatment of coagulant function abnormality in patients with septic shock Page:14—16
17. Progress in the anti-inflammatory effects of methane and its mechanism Page:107—110
18. Exploration on theoretic origin of Longzhi decoction formula for treatment of ischemic stroke Page:104—106
19. Research progress of effect of moderate hypothermia on cerebral protection in patients with cardiac arrest after cardiopulmonary resuscitation Page:101—103
20. Research progress of cytokines and diabetic nephropathy Page:99—100
21. Effects of Bcl-2 associated with athanogene-1 gene silencing on heat shock protein 70 expression and human neuroblastoma cell apoptosis induced by hypoxia Page:68—72
22. The effects of nourishing lung and kidney formulas on inflammatory response of alveolar epithelial cells stimulated by monocytes conditioned medium Page:63—67
23. Under the guidance of defended field theory the effect of hoop confining method on treatment of rats with skin abscess Page:58—62
24. Effects of volatile oil from artemisia dracunculus for treatment of mice with myocardial injury caused by viral myocarditis Page:54—57
25. An observation on therapeutic effect of combined traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment of microvascular angina Page:21—23
26. Relationships between changes of coagulation-fibrinolytic system paratmeters and recent dissolution of thrombus after treatment in patients with pulmonary embolism Page:49—53
27. A study on mechanisms of levofloxacin, thymopentin combined with decoction of four noble drugs for treatment of patients with severe pulmonary tuberculosis Page:44—48
28. Analysis of corticosteroids combined with sequential therapy of Chinese Guishao Dihuang pill and Yupingfeng granules on 50 cases with yin deficiency of liver and kidney and nephrotic syndrome in children Page:32—35
29. An analysis of clinical efficacy of edaravone combined with β-aescin sodium for treatment of elderly patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage based on dynamic changes of vascular endothelial growth factor and inflammatory factor levels Page:28—31
30. The effect of acupuncture rehabilitation technique combined with traditional Chinese medicine Xingnaojing injection on functional recovery in patients with severe traumatic brain injury Page:24—27
31. Small needle knife therapy for 120 patients with iliac lumbar ligament damage Page:31—
32. Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment of 67 cases with acute gouty arthritis Page:106—
33. Problems should be paid attention to in perioperative period of critically ill patients Page:98—