Volume: 0 Issue: 05

1. Observation on Xingnao-Kaiqiao acupuncture("醒脑开窍"针) for treatment of cerebral infarction Page:—
2. Study of traditional Chinese medicine combined with regular therapy in the treatment of pneumonia with systemic inflammatory response syndrome in children Page:—
3. Clinical study of blood-activating and stasis-resolving therapy (活血化瘀法) for patients with acute hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage small and moderate in amount and its influence on patients′ daily life ability Page:—
4. Influence of rhubarb (大黄) combined with scopolamine on gastric mucosal barrier in patients with severe trauma Page:—
5. Effect of Buyang Huanwu decoction(补阳还五汤) on nuclear factor-kB and nitric oxide synthase expression in aged rats with focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury Page:—
6. A clinical analysis of intensive gastrointestinal lavage method for treatment of 100 severe cases with stress ulcer bleeding in neurosurgery department Page:—
7. Effects of early Xuebijing injection(血必净注射液) treatment on the change of prognosis in patients with multiple traumas Page:—
8. Investigation of ulinastatin on protection of organ functions in patients with severe disease Page:—
9. Effects of ?-3 fish oil fat emulsion combined with total parenteral nutrition on the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome Page:—
10. Feasibility of general anesthesia combined with cervical plexus block on posterlor-anterior cervical vertebra surgery Page:—
11. Effect of Xuebijing injection(血必净注射液) combined with dexamethasone in prevention and treatment of chronic pulmonary injury Induced by paraquat in rats Page:—
12. A research of intervention of Xuebijing injection(血必净注射液) on expression of heat shock protein 70 in rats with renal ischemia/reperfusion injury Page:—
13. Experimental study of the protective effect of astragalus injection(黄芪注射液) on brain after craniocerebral injury Page:—
14. Protective effect of Xuebijing Injection(血必净注射液) on acute lung injury induced by inhalation of yellow phosphorus in rats Page:—
15. Mechanism ud protection of electro-acupuncture at Zusanli points(足三星穴) on the apoptosis of thymocytes in rats with severe abdominal infection Page:—