Volume: 0 Issue: 03

1. Curative effect of Niaoduqing(尿毒清) on patients with critical illness combined with renal failure Page:—
2. Effects of Shengmai drink(生脉饮) on nitric oxide and inducible nitric oxide synthase in rats with acute lung injury induced by lipopolysaccharide Page:—
3. Study on the serum concentration changes of hypothalamic-pituitary hormones of patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage Page:—
4. Study on application of continuous blood purification on children with severe infectious shock Page:—
5. Changes in circulating endothelial cell numbers and blood lipid levels and their clinical significance in patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome Page:—
6. Effect of traditional Chinese medicine Jiusuyu(酒速愈) on oxygenase in liver tissue of mice with acute alcoholism Page:—
7. Clinical study on effect of sequential colon dialysis in patients with chronic renal failure in early and medium stage Page:—
8. Effect of salvia miltiorrhiza on mitochondria respiratory function of hepatic cells in rats with burn Page:—
9. Efficacy of purging the lung and removing phlegm and blood stasis method(泻肺化痰祛瘀法) on rats with pulmonary hypertension Page:—
10. Effect of Shenyankang(肾炎康) on levels of tumor necrosis factor-? and endothelin-1 in rats with mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis Page:—
11. Study on apoptosis of K562 cells induced by tumor-bearing herb serum of selenium-protein polysaccharide extracted from Qinba selenium-mushroom(秦巴硒菇) Page:—
12. Study on protective effects of Yougui drink(右归饮) on rats with chronic renal failure and insufficiency of kidney-Yang(肾阳虚) Page:—
13. Clinical observation on therapeutic effects of combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment for acute coronary syndrome Page:—
14. Influence of Shenfu injection(参附注射液)on tumor necrosis factor-?, interleukin-2 and lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at acute exacerbation stage Page:—
15. Correlative analyses of principal components of phlegm stasis syndrome (痰浊内阻证) and blood stasis syndrome (血瘀证) in cases with carotid atherosclerosis Page:—