WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Epidemiology> 2009> 30> 6

Volume: 30 Issue: 6

1. Study on the status of HBV infection and influencing factors in a population aged 1 to 59 years old in Tianjin. Page:652—652
2. Research on the safety and immunogenicity of the domestic lyophilized live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine. Page:650—651
3. A survey of the first round AIDS integrate controlling work trial spot among men who have sex with man in Taiyuan. Page:649—650
4. Polymerase chain reaction assay to detect the genomic DNA of Schistosoma japonicum. Page:647—649
5. Human parainfluenza virus infections in children with acute respiratory infections in Guangzhou area in 2007. Page:646—647
6. Thinking on the establishment of international biosafety associations. Page:644—645
7. Advances in research on tick-borne encephalitis in China. Page:641—643
8. The overview of evaluating contents and indicators on early warning system of infectious disease outbreak. Page:637—640
9. Survey on mental disorders among registered residents and non-registered residents in Shenzhen Page:543—548
10. Factors associated with attitudes toward tobacco control policy in public places among adults in three counties of China Page:549—553
11. A prospective study on the association between dyslipidemia and hypertension Page:554—558
12. Effectiveness on post-exposure vaccination of varicella and its influencing factors in elementary schools in Beijing Page:559—563
13. Retrospective cohort study on the rate of mother-to-child transmission among mothers infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 through blood transfusion Page:564—566
14. Epidemiological investigation and genotype of thalassemia on middle school students in Chongzuo, Guangxi Page:567—570
15. Study on family and economic burden caused by chronic Schistosomiasis japonica Page:571—574
16. Post-term pregnancy and associated social factors among pregnant women in Jiaxing city, China, 1993 to 2000 Page:575—578
17. Development of an indicator system for recognizing the sub-health status and study on the related reliability and validity Page:579—582
18. Safety and immunogenicity on three lots of influenza split vaccines among adults Page:583—587
19. Knowledge, attitude, practice and related determinants on nutrition among caregivers of rural stranded children under 7-year-olds in China Page:588—591
20. Time trends on the prevalence of cancer during 1970 - 2005 in Shandong province Page:592—595
21. Prevalence and trend of metabolic syndrome in middle-aged Chinese population Page:596—600
22. Study on the natural foci of Marmota himalayana plague in Sichuan province Page:601—605
23. Analysis on the molecular characteristics of Japanese encephalitis virus isolated in Northwestern Yunnan province Page:606—610
24. Study on the feasibility of a cell-culture inoculation test in the detection and isolation of street rabies virus Page:611—615
25. Preliminary study on rapid identification the species of Mycobacteria by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism based upon hsp65 gene Page:616—618
26. Study on the bactericidal antibody against Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C strains after immunization with a divalent polysaccharide (A plus C) vaccine Page:619—621
27. Study on the quality of life and influencing factors among people living with AIDS Page:622—625
28. Role of cytological test for cervices to identify human papillomavirus in the screening program on serious cervical lesion Page:626—630
29. Effectiveness of ezetimibe in improving lipid goal attainment in patients with coronary heart diseases treated with statin Page:631—632
30. Weighted estimation methods for multistage sampling survey data Page:633—636