WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Epidemiology> 2003> 24> 8

Volume: 24 Issue: 8

1. Estimating family correlation of quantitative traits using generalized estimating equation. Page:729—733
2. Exact logistic regression and its performance to SAS system. Page:725—728
3. Retrospective studies on 713 cases chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Page:722—724
4. A study on genetic epidemiology of cerebral infarction. Page:719—721
5. Factors influencing the diagnose on causes of dyspepsia in central area of Shaanxi province. Page:715—718
6. Meta-analysis on the association of AGT M235T polymorphism and essential hypertension in Chinese population. Page:711—714
7. A primary investigation on disseminated histoplasmosis in Hubei. Page:708—710
8. Mutation of envelop protein V3 loop in HIV-1 epidemic in Liaoning province. Page:704—707
9. Study on spotted fever group Rickettsiae in Guangdong province. Page:700—703
10. Study on the immuno-effects of recombinant hepatitis B vaccination in adults. Page:697—699
11. Surveillance on hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Guizhou during 1984-2000. Page:694—696
12. Study on hospitalization expenses of flood disaster areas' residents of Dongting Lake in Hunan province in 1998. Page:689—693
13. A prospective cohort study on injuries among school-age children with and without behavior problems. Page:684—688
14. A cross-sectional study on injuries in residents at the community level of Zhejiang. Page:681—683
15. Investigation on reproductive tract infection among floating married women of childbearing age in Fengtai district in Beijing. Page:678—680
16. The introduction of complementary food of children under the age of three years in Tibet of China. Page:674—677
17. Study on of dietary pesticide residues in Chinese residents. Page:661—664
18. Active surveillance on Listeria monocytogenes in seven kinds of food in 11 provinces of China in 2001. Page:657—660
19. Analysis on Clenbuterol pollution in swine products in Beijing, 2002. Page:654—656
20. Uses of epidemiological methods in the study of reproductive health. Page:737—739
21. Food safety : an important public health problem in China. Page:649—650