WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Epidemiology> 2003> 24> 12

Volume: 24 Issue: 12

1. Reliability of measurement and the methods of estimating reliability. Page:1146—1149
2. Quantitative assessment of risks on cerebral vascular diseases in urban residents in Sichuan. Page:1141—1145
3. Study on the prevalence of arthritis and relevant factors in Shanghai. Page:1136—1140
4. Quality of life of patients with arthritis in China. Page:1132—1135
5. Study on ribotyping of Lyme borreliosis spirochete in Guizhou province. Page:1129—1131
6. A new type of spotted fever group Rickttsiaes detected in the area of Changbai mountain, Jilin province. Page:1126—1128
7. Distribution of virulence associated genes among strains of Leptospira. Page:1122—1125
8. Epidemiological study of human caliciviruses among children with acute diarrhea in Lulong county, 1999 - 2001. Page:1118—1121
9. Study on the relationship between smoking, alcohol intake and hyperlipidemia in fishermen. Page:1115—1117
10. Study on the epidemiology and risk factors of renal calculi in special economic zone of Shenzhen city. Page:1112—1114
11. Study on the hemoglobin levels of children under the age of three years and the prevalence of anemia at high altitude in Tibet of China. Page:1108—1111
12. The prevalence of mild cognitive impairment among residents aged 55 or over in Chengdu area. Page:1104—1107
13. Epidemiological study of rotavirus diarrhea in Beijing, China - a hospital-based surveillance from 1998 - 2001. Page:1100—1103
14. Epidemiological features of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Beijing. Page:1096—1099
15. Efficiency of the quarantine system during the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Beijing, 2003. Page:1093—1095
16. An epidemiological study on essential hypertension in northern and western areas of China. Page:1090—1092
17. A cross-sectional study on knowledge and the ability of hypertension treatment among physicians in district and community hospitals. Page:1086—1089
18. Relationship between the patients' knowledge on hypertension prevention and control and the rate on blood pressure control. Page:1082—1085
19. Study on the influence of knowledge about hypertension and clinical management competence among physicians treating hypertensives in district and community hospitals. Page:1078—1081
20. An analysis on the cost of hypertensive outpatient in the community hospital in Shanghai. Page:1074—1077
21. A cross-sectional study on the usage condition of hypertension related examinations and antihypertensive drugs among 40 district and community based hospitals in Beijing. Page:1070—1073