Volume: 25 Issue: 2

1. The establishment of real time fluorescent PCR detecting method and preliminary application on pathogenesis of HFMD. Page:152—154
2. High-risk human papilloma virus DNA detection kit (cervista HPV HR) should be highly validated clinically in cervical cancer screening programs. Page:149—151
3. Construction and identification of a vector inserted with gene of T7 RNA polymerase. Page:146—148
4. Application of human papillomavirus dectection in women with abnormal cervical cytology. Page:143—145
5. The early diagnosis value of EV 71 IgM class antibodies in the hand, foot and mouth disease. Page:140—142
6. The analyses of Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody test results in patients with respiratory tract infection. Page:137—139
7. Epidemiologic and therapeutic status study of patients with hepatitis C. Page:135—136
8. The levels of HBsAg can predict the efficacy of peglated interferon-alpha 2a combined with adefovir dipivoxil, in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients. Page:132—134
9. One-year combination therapy de novo of adefovir dipivoxil and lamivudine for decompensated cirrhosis related to HBV. Page:129—131
10. Distribution and clinical significance of HBV genotypes in patients with HBV infection in 30 regions of China. Page:126—128
11. One case of correlation between the human herpesvirus 7 DNA load and the hemo hagocytic syndrome. Page:123—125
12. The study of human rhinovirus in infants with lower respiratory tract infections. Page:120—122
13. Construction and identification of attenuated Salmonella which harboring enterovirus 71 VP1 gene. Page:117—119
14. Distribution of hepatitis B virus genotypes and serotypes in people who had a physical examination in Yunnan Province. Page:114—116
15. Quantitative analysis of HBV cccDNA from liver biopsy specimens in HBV carriers: correlation with serological makers and sera HBV DNA. Page:112—113
16. Adenoviruses mediated BCL-X1 overexpression protects mice from fulminant hepatic failure. Page:109—111
17. Research on the aetiology of suspected enterovirus infected patients in Xuzhou district in 2009. Page:106—108
18. Characterization of capsid protein VP3-VP1 genes of hepatitis A virus prevalent strains circulated in China. Page:102—105
19. The analysis of IL-10 and its methylation in the patients with acute on chronic liver failure. Page:99—101
20. Bioinformatics analysis of the structure and function correlated to interferon sensitivity of HCV core protein. Page:96—98
21. The 50% effective dose (ED50a) of seasonal spilt influenza vaccine in mice. Page:92—95
22. Study for association between high risk human papillomavirus and cervical lesions in the samples from opportunistic screening. Page:89—91
23. Secreted expression of dengue virus type 2 envelope glycoprotein in eukaryotic cells. Page:85—88
24. Fever with thrombocytopenia associated with a novel bunyavirus in China. Page:81—84