Volume: 0 Issue: 03

1. Relationship between depressive symptoms and social capital,social networks among female migrant adolescents in Hefei Page:—
2. The prevalence and associated factors with depression and anxiety among the patients attending the community-based methadone maintenance treatment program in China Page:—
3. Study of risk factors in renal involvement in children Henoch-Schonlein purpura Page:—
4. Evaluation on case reports of inadvertent intrathecal vincristine administration Page:—
5. Prevalence of hyperlipidaemia among 30~59 year-old rural residents in Changzhou:a cross-sectional study Page:—
6. Analysis on the prevalence and the influencing factors of metabolic syndrome of 40~74 year-old non-diabetes population in Minhang District Page:—
7. Construction of quantified appraisal system of imported risk of dengue fever Page:—
8. Hepatitis B virus variation and its clinical significance Page:—
9. Review:Arenaviruses Page:—
10. Modeling and fitting for heteroscedastic time-series data of infectious diseases Page:—
11. Effects of early postnatal exposure to m-tolyl methylcarbamate on spatial learning and memory ability of mice Page:—
12. Analysis of epidemiological characteristics of 11 142 injuries Page:—
13. Injury related behavior of middle school students:a case study Page:—
14. Cross-sectional investigation on AIDS knowledge need and cognition level of migrant workers in northern Anhui Page:—
15. Analysis of epidemiological characteristics of human rabies in Hubei Province from 2003 to 2007 Page:—
16. Meta-analysis of effect of maternal passive smoking during pregnancy on fetal birth-weight Page:—
17. Effect of airborne contaminant and meteorological factor on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Page:—