Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Analysis on the infection status of soil-transmitted nematodes in Shanxi Province in 2006 Page:—
2. Analysis on epidemiological features of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis in Quzhou City,1950-2006 Page:—
3. Impact of nutritional education on medical students in Lanzhou region in terms of their relevant knowledge,attitude,and practice Page:—
4. Impact of different surveillance models on the quality of injury surveillance Page:—
5. How to calculate and report the detection index and the statistics analysis of group comparison in high risk group Page:—
6. Application of combination evaluation methods to Fujian's new RCMs in comprehensive evaluation Page:—
7. Operation of new rural cooperative medicine in Miluo,Hunan Province——A case study Page:—
8. Study on the index system for training evaluation of national health emergency response Page:—
9. Application of ROC curve analysis in evaluating the virtual screening of ?-secretase inhibitors Page:—
10. The analysis of the nutritional status among children with autism Page:—
11. Study on the correlation between hepatitis B virus infection in mother and immune effect of hepatitis B vaccine in infant Page:—
12. Study on the socioeconomic factors of treatment failure among 92 bacillary-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients Page:—
13. Epidemiology advances in researches on prehypertension Page:—
14. Analysis about epidemiological characteristics and factors of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome during 1958 to 2007 in Fuyang Page:—
15. Analysis on epidemiological features of measles from 2004 to 2008 in Inner Mongonlia Page:—
16. Analysis on HIV/AIDS epidemic characteristics in Henan Province Page:—
17. Modern epidemiology:the development and prospect Page:—
18. Evaluation of training effect on public health emergencies in Longgang district of Shenzhen Page:—