Volume: 45 Issue: 6

1. Corrigendum: Successful surgical missions for cleft Page:378—378
2. Retraction: Is treatment with platelet-rich fibrin better than zinc oxide eugenol in cases of established dry socket for controlling pain, reducing inflammation, and improving wound healing? Page:377—377
3. Importance of various skin sutures in cheiloplasty of cleft lip Page:374—376
4. Vestibuloplasty covering titanium mesh with grafted free gingiva on anterior mandible: technical report and rationale Page:369—373
5. An idiopathic delayed maxillary hemorrhage after orthognathic surgery with Le Fort I osteotomy: a case report Page:364—368
6. Case report of the management of the ranula Page:357—363
7. A review of rare complications of maxillary sinus floor augmentation Page:351—356
8. When do we need more than local compression to control intraoral haemorrhage? Page:343—350
9. Socket preservation using eggshell-derived nanohydroxyapatite with platelet-rich fibrin as a barrier membrane: a new technique Page:332—342
10. Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance of bacteria from odontogenic maxillofacial abscesses Page:324—331
11. Evaluation of biopsies of oral and maxillofacial lesions: a retrospective study Page:316—323
12. Modified difficult index adding extremely difficult for fully impacted mandibular third molar extraction Page:309—315
13. Cervico-stylo-mandibular complex fracture: a critical review of literature along with a protocol to recognize and proposal of a new classification Page:302—308
14. The importance of domestic papers Page:301—301