Volume: 41 Issue: 6

1. Cervicofacial infection in a Nigerian tertiary health institution: a retrospective analysis of 77 cases. Page:293—298
2. Internet marketing in the medical industry; challenges and future. Page:291—292
3. Mandibular osteonecrosis following herpes zoster infection in the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve: a case report and literature review. Page:357—360
4. Basal cell adenoma in the deep portion of the parotid gland: a case report. Page:352—356
5. Recurrent arteriovenous malformation on palate after embolization combined surgical resection: preoperative magnetic resonance features and intraoperative angiographic findings. Page:346—351
6. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor associated with an unerupted mandibular lateral incisor: a case report. Page:342—345
7. Contralateral recurrence of necrotizing sialometaplasia of the hard palate after five months: a case report. Page:338—341
8. Chronic maxillary sinusitis and diabetes related maxillary osteonecrosis: a case report. Page:332—337
9. Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in a patient with osteoporosis following treatment of testicular cancer: a case report. Page:327—331
10. Sclerotherapy using 1% sodium tetradecyl sulfate to treat a vascular malformation: a report of two cases. Page:322—326
11. Five-year retrospective radiographic follow-up study of dental implants with sandblasting with large grit, and acid etching-treated surfaces. Page:317—321
12. Fracture patterns in the maxillofacial region: a four-year retrospective study. Page:306—316
13. Neck dissection for oral squamous cell carcinoma: our experience and a review of the literature. Page:299—305