WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Environmental Health and Toxicology> 2013> 28> 1

Volume: 28 Issue: 1

1. Aquatic Toxicity Assessment of Phosphate Compounds. Page:e2013002—
2. Appropriate In Vitro Methods for Genotoxicity Testing of Silver Nanoparticles. Page:e2013003—
3. Development of Time-location Weighted Spatial Measures Using Global Positioning System Data. Page:e2013005—
4. Necessity for a National Carcinogen List in Korea, Based on International Harmonization. Page:e2013008—
5. Children's Mental Health in the Area Affected by the Hebei Spirit Oil Spill Accident. Page:e2013010—
6. Corrigendum: Necessity for a National Carcinogen List in Korea, Based on International Harmonization. Page:e2013011—
7. No Association between Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Gene Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Risk. Page:e2013012—
8. Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals Migrated from a Recycled Plastic Product. Page:e2013013—
9. Effects of Nano-sized Carbon Black on the Lungs of High Fat-diet Induced Overweight Rats. Page:e2013014—
10. Association between Low-level Mercury Exposure and Neurobehavioral Functions in Korean Adults Living in a Coastal City. Page:e2013015—
11. Epidemiological Characteristics of Mobile Phone Ownership and Use in Korean Children and Adolescents. Page:e2013019—
12. At a Crossroads: Jump Forward or Fall Behind. Page:e2013001—
13. Corrigendum: Health Risks Assessments in Children for Phthalates Exposure Associated with Childcare Facilities and Indoor Playgrounds. Page:e2013004—
14. Effects of Water Chemistry on Aggregation and Soil Adsorption of Silver Nanoparticles. Page:e2013006—
15. Exposure and Toxicity Assessment of Ultrafine Particles from Nearby Traffic in Urban Air in Seoul, Korea. Page:e2013007—
16. Assessing the Spatial Distribution of Perfluorooctanoic Acid Exposure via Public Drinking Water Pipes Using Geographic Information Systems. Page:e2013009—
17. Development of an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay Using Vitellin for Vitellogenin Measurement in the Pale Chub, Zacco platypus. Page:e2013016—
18. Hazardous Metal Pollution in the Republic of Fiji and the Need to Elicit Human Exposure. Page:e2013017—