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1. Expression and Characterization of the Recombinant Epitopes of HSV-gB and HSV-gD Protein Page:181—183
2. mTOR in Ischemic Postconditioning-induced Attenuation of Lschemia/reperfusion Injury in Rat Skeletal Muscle Page:178—180
3. The Relationship between the MICA/B Expression on Cancer Cell Lines and Their Sensitivity to NK Cell Cytotoxicity Page:95—97
4. Relationship between KISS-1 Gene and Metastasis of Bladder Carcinoma and the Effect of Stable Expression of KISS-1 Gene on the Invasion of Bladder Carcinoma Cells Page:168—170
5. Expression of IP-10 and Its Significance in Pathological Scar Page:165—167
6. Functional Research of Cassette Chromosome Recombinase C Mediated Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec Istand Excision Page:161—164
7. Comparison of Two Ways of Twice Irradiation on Rabbit Liver Tumor Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Page:92—94
8. Preparation and Evaluation of Long-circulating Liposomes of Paraoxonase Page:87—91
9. Effects of Nonylphenol on L-type Ca~(2+) Currents in Isolated Guinea-pig Ventricular Myocytes Page:81—83
10. Changes of Vα24~+Vβ11~+, CD161~+Vα24~+NKT Cells in Peripheral Blood of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patient Page:767—769
11. Protective Effects of Xanthoceraside on Learning and Memory Impairment Induced by Aβ_(1-42) in Mice Page:734—736
12. Effect of Iodine Deficiency and Hypothyroidism on the Protein Expressions of Calcineurin in the Hippocampus of Pups Page:724—726
13. Detection of BJ-TSA-9, LUNX and CK19 mRNA in Peripheral Blood and Its Diagnostic Value in Lung Cancer Page:786—789
14. Effects of Gastrin and Somatostatin in Diabetic Gastroparesis Page:783—785
15. Efficiency of Biofeedback and Pelvic Electric Stimulation Therapy for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence Page:778—780
16. Expression and Relationship of OPN and MMP-9 in Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma Page:775—777
17. Relationship between NK Cells in Follicular Fluid and the Outcome of in vitro Fertilization Treatment Page:770—772
18. Effect of PNCG on the Expression of CLA+T Cell Derived Cytokines in Atopic Dermatitis Page:764—766
19. Proteome Analysis of Hirschsprung Disease by Two-dimensional Electrophoresis Page:761—763
20. Relationship between the Expression of H19 and IGF-Ⅱ Imprinted Gene in Newborn Placenta and the Birth Body Mass Page:758—760
21. Expression of Frizzled Protein in Mouse Tooth Germ at Bell Stage Page:755—757
22. Anticancer Efficacy of Concurrent Capecitabine and Radiation Therapy for Cervical Adenocarcinoma in Nude Mice Page:751—754
23. Ischemic Postconditioning Reduces Myocardial Apoptosis in Diabetic Rat's Heart Page:745—748
24. Effect of Telmisartan on Renal Expression of Adiponectin in Insulin-resistant Rats Page:741—744
25. HA14-1 Sensitizes Chemotherapy of Murine Lewis Lung Carcinoma to Cyclophosphamide Page:737—740
26. The Inhibiting Effect of Photofrin-Diomed 630-PDT Photodynamic Therapy on Human Immortalization Eesophageal Epithelial Cell Line SHEE and Its Malignant Transformation Cell Line SHEEC Page:730—733
27. Effects of Zinc on the Expression of ZnT-7 in Growth Plate Chondrocytes Page:727—729
28. The Correlation between Adenoid Hypertrophy and Secretory Otitis Media in Children Page:61—63
29. Clinical Analysis of 124 Children with Henoch-Sch(o)nlein Purpura Page:58—60
30. Effect of 5-Fluorouracil and Radiotherapy on the Apoptosis of Human Cervical Adenocarcinoma HeLa Cells Page:24—27
31. A Clinical Study of 46 Children with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Page:67—70
32. Effects of Silicone Pessary Treatment on the Symptoms and Life Quality of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Patients Page:51—53
33. Evaluate the Influence of Monochrome Display on the Detection of Pulmonary Nodules Based on ROC Theory Page:47—50
34. Marital Quality and Social Support Status of the Patients with Breast Cancer during the Period of Chemotherapy Page:40—43
35. A Clinical Analysis of 440 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patients Infected with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Page:34—36
36. Micronucleus Test of a New Machinable Bioactive Glass-ceramic Material Page:28—30
37. The Construction and Expression Confirmation of JC Virus T Antigen Expression Plasmid in Gastric Mucosa Page:18—21
38. Effect of MAPKK/MEK-MAPK/ERK Signal Transduction Pathway in Rat Neural Stem Cells Page:14—17
39. The Correlation between the Inhibiting Effects of Irinotecan on Colorectal Cancer Cell Proliferation and ATP -sensitive Potassium Channel Page:10—13
40. Transplantation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promote Functional Recovery of the Injured Rats Spinal Cord Page:7—9
41. A Preliminary Study on Antitumor Effect of Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Activated by Exosomes Secreted from Dendritic Cell Against Renal Carcinoma Page:4—6
42. Renal Pathological Appearance and Podocyte Phenotype after the Ureteral Obstruction Page:1—3
43. Efficacy of Total Pelvic Floor Reconstruction with Pesh Match for Presby-pelvic Floor Dysfunction Page:150—152
44. Expression and Clinical Significance of Twist Protein in Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Page:146—149
45. The Maternal Prognosis after Intrapartum Fetal Operation Performation Page:140—143
46. Expression and Significance of Fascin and Ki-67 Proteins in Bladder Carcinoma Page:135—137
47. Effects of Aspirin on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of Human Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Ishikawa Cells Page:132—134
48. Effect of Wild Type p53 Gene on Inhibiting the Centrosome Hyperamplification in Bladder Cancer Cell Line Page:128—131
49. Regression Analysis of Male Frontal Bone and Skull Page:123—127
50. Correlation of PTEN Mutations with Microsatellite Instability in Endometrial Carcinoma Page:119—122
51. Tension-free Vaginal Tape Obturator Inside-outside for Treating Female Stress Urinary Incontinence Page:231—233
52. Effect of Different Surgical Approaches to Hysterectomy on the Sexual Function and Psychological Health Page:228—230
53. Effects of Sericin Pretreatment on the Expression of ECM Associated Protein in the Kidney of Diabetic Nephropathy Rats Page:112—115
54. Sonograms of Tuberculous Peritonitis Page:218—220
55. Clinical Analysis of Phacoemulsification Combined with Trabeculectomy in Patients with Angle-closure Glaucoma and Cataract with High Intraocular Pressure Page:215—217
56. The Role of Splenectomy in the Prevention and Treatment of Small-for-size Syndrome Page:108—111
57. Effects of Resveratrol on Cell Growth,Migration,and Invasion of Breast Cancer Cell Line MDA-MB-231 Page:201—204
58. Expression of ABCG2 in Adriamycin-resistant Human Esophageal Cancer Cells Page:101—104
59. Application of Tissue-explant Technique in Culturing Rat Submandibular Gland Cells Page:194—196
60. Intestinal Mucosal Immune Barrier in Guinea Pig Model of Pigment Gallstone Page:187—190
61. Serum Levels and Clinical Significance of Interferon-λ1 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Page:153—155
62. Meta-analysis of the Relationship between Serum Vitamin B12 Level and Multiple Sclerosis Page:234—237
63. Evaluation of Surgical Approaches for Benign Ovarian Cyst Page:224—227
64. Specific Serum Protein of Colorectal Cancer Detected by Surface-enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Page:209—211
65. Cardiomyocyte Differentiation from P19 Cells Induced by NKX2-5 Page:197—200
66. Comparison of Stray-light Effects of 7 Intraocular Lens Edge Designs Page:184—186
67. Expression of Thymus and Activation-regulated Chemokine in die Kidney of MRL/lpr Mice Page:171—173
68. Serum Epidermal Growth Factor Level Changes and Its Clinical Significance in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Page:459—460
69. Expression of MAC30 in Colorectal Carcinoma and Its Clinical Significance Page:456—458
70. Effects of Angiotensin Ⅱ Receptor 1 Inhibitor on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of Estrogen Induced Human Endometrial Carcinoma Cells Page:447—451
71. Effects of Recombinant Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor on No-reflow after Acute Myocardial Infarction and Reperfusion in Rabbits Page:443—446
72. Experimental Study of the Apoptosis Inducing Effect of Histamin-indomethacin on Lewis Lung Cancer in Mice Page:435—438
73. The Specific Ligand Screening for M_2-G_(i1α) Fusion Protein Expressed in Sf9 Cells Page:428—431
74. The Role of NF-kappa B Signaling Pathway in TNF-α-induced Gastric Cancer Cell Apoptosis Page:425—427
75. The Influence of Influenza Virus A on Alveolar Fluid Clearance in Rat Lungs Page:422—424
76. Biological Characteristics of Human Colon Cancer Cell Line CW-2 Stem Cells Page:417—419
77. Screening of Protein Interacting with HCMV UL130 Protein by Yeast Two Hybrid from Human Fetus Brain cDNA Library Page:413—416
78. Computer-assisted 3D Reconstruction of Mouse Connecting Tubule Page:401—403
79. The Value of 18F -fluoodeoxyglucose PET-CT and CT in Diagnosing Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Page:764—766
80. The Preventive Effect of Sodium Ferulate on Contrast-Induced Renal Injury in Chronic Renal Insufficiency Patients Page:761—763
81. Association Between HLA-A, HLA-B Alleles and Alopecia Areata Page:758—760
82. Prediction of Long-term Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy by Real-time Three-dimensional Echocardiography Page:752—754
83. Polymorphism of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) UL146 Gene Page:749—751
84. Orthogonal Design of the Prescription of Selegiline Transdermal Patches Page:746—748
85. Rabbit Model of Improved Myocardial Ischemia Page:740—742
86. Effect of Angiotensin II Receptor Inhibitor on Proliferation and Apoptosis of a Human Endometrial Cancer Cell Line Ishikawa Induced by Estrogen Page:733—736
87. Effect of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor δ Activation on the Expression of Tenascin-C in Infarcted Myocardium Page:730—732
88. The Effect of Antiproliferative Factor on the Proliferation of Bladder Cancer Cell and the Expression of c-Jun and HB-EGF Page:724—726
89. The Effect of the Simvastatin Administration on the Expression of Connective Tissue Growth Factor in Fibrotic Lungs of Rats Page:719—723
90. Expression of Claudin-5 and ZO-1 in Early Brain Injury after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Rats Page:713—716
91. Construction and Expression of Recombinant Plasmid Encoding prME Protein Derived from Japanese Encephalitis Virus and Granulocyte-macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor of BALB/c Murine Page:706—709
92. Advantages and Disadvantages of the X-ray and Ultrasound Examination for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Page:485—486
93. Relationship between the Expression of Ki67 and Mitosis Karyorrhexis Index in Ganglioneuroblastoma Page:481—484
94. The Short to Long Term Surgical Outcomes of Congenital Esophageal Atresia Page:478—480
95. Steroid Replacement Therapy Following Adrenalectomy in Patients with Cushing Syndrome Page:476—477
96. Quantitative Assessment of Left Atrial Function in Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathies Using Two-dimensional Strain Echocardiography and Left Atrium Volume Index Page:470—473
97. Investigation of the Prevalence of Pulmonary Function Test in Liaoning Province and the Cognition of COPD Patients to the Test Page:464—466
98. The Protective Effects of Butylphthalide on Amyloid β Peptide_(25-35) Induced Apoptosis in PC-12 Cells Page:452—455
99. The Promoting Role of bFGF on the Vascularization of Bone Matrix Gelatin Embedded Vascular Bundles in Rabbit Femoral Anteriomedialis Page:439—442
100. Effects of Fragile Mental Retardation Protein on Cerebellar Neuron Development and Migration in Mouse Model Page:420—421
101. Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Trichostatin A Modulates Cell Cycle in A2780 Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Line Page:406—409
102. Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Helicobacter pylori-infected Gastric Cancer and Its Effect on the Invasion and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer Page:767—769
103. Clinical Significance of Galectin-3 Expression in Bladder Cancer Page:755—757
104. Oxaliplatin Enhances TRAIL-induced Apoptosis in Gastric Cancer Cells by Inhibiting PI3K/Akt Pathway Page:703—705
105. Effect of the Collar-induced Adventitia Injury on Vasoconstriction of Rat Carotid Artery Page:698—702
106. Comparison of Treatment Effects between Targeting Arterial Embolization before Sacral Chordoma Excision and Temporary Balloon Occlusion of Abdominal Aorta during Sacral Chordoma Surgery Page:454—457
107. Genetic Polymorphisms of Glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 and Evaluation of Oxidative Stress in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Page:432—436
108. Effect of GR82334 on the Electric Stimulation-induced Increase of Dopamine Content in Anterior Cingulate Gyrus in Rats Page:426—428
109. Effects of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide on Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Expression in Lung Tissue of Asthmatic Mice with Airway Remodeling Page:422—425
110. Effect of miR-24-2 on Proliferation of U-2OS Cell Line Page:393—395
111. Cloning and Expression Analysis of a Novel MYCT1 Transcript Page:388—392
112. Study on Changes of LFA-1 Level in Peripheral Neutrophils in Patients with Severe Preeclampsia Page:263—266
113. Effect of Endotoxin Tolerance on Cytokine Page:259—262
114. Safety and Short-term Efficacy of Laparoscopic Assisted Distal Gastrectomy versus Open Distal Gastrectomy in D2 Radical Surgeries for Locally Advanced Distal Gastric Cancer:A Meta-analysis Page:252—258
115. Effect of Rapamycin on Proliferation and Cell Cycle of Human Bladder Carcinoma Cell Line 5637 Page:230—233
116. CpG Island Methylation Regulates BNIP3 Gene Expression in Gastric Cancer Cells Page:221—225
117. Effect of Chemotatic Factor FKN,PI3K and NF-κB on IL-6 Expression in Peripheral Blood Monocytes and the Effect of Valsartan Intervention Page:214—216
118. Mechanism of Eaf2 Gene Regulating microRNA in Inhibiting the Genesis of Cataract Page:199—202
119. A Modified Method for Acute Isolation of Atrial Myocytes in Diabetic Rats Page:164—167
120. The Observation in Pelvic Floor by the Transperineal Ultrasound in Patients with Stress Urinary Incontinence in Late Pregnancy and ROC Curve Analysis Page:156—159
121. Analysis of the Rate of Common Genetic Mutations of Deaf in Pregnant Women Page:152—155
122. Correlation between Orexin A and Vaspin in Lipid Metabolism in Obese Rats with Insulin Resistance Page:105—108
123. Clinical Significance of Serum and Urine RANKL Test for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Page:102—104
124. Meta Analysis of FCM DNA Ploidy in Distinguishing Benign Tumor from Malignant Ones Page:136—142
125. Study on Methylation of DBC2 in Gastric Cancer Page:132—135
126. Cloning of the Coding Region and 3′Non-coding Region of Calmodulin 2 in Guinea Pig Page:123—126
127. Effect of Livin on Proliferation and Multi-drug Resistance of Lung Cancer Cells A549 Page:114—118
128. Effect of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane Inhalation before and after Gestation on the Offspring Brain Development Page:143—147
129. The Effects of Nonylphenol on Calcium Signaling and Cell Proliferation in H9c2 Cell and Its Mechanism Page:109—113
130. Clinical Application of Direct Stenting Technique in Emergent PCI for Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Page:468—471
131. The Effect of Hypoxia on Anoikis in High-metastatic Human Lung Cancer Cell Line 95D Page:456—460
132. Clinical Features and Characteristics of Coronary Artery Lesion between Hui and Han Nationality Young Patient with Acute Myocardial Infarction Page:452—455
133. Establishment and Evaluation of Diagnostic Scoring System for Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Diabetic Foot Page:448—451
134. Expression and Significance of Epithelial-to-mesenchymal Transition in the Progression of Gastric Carcinoma and Lymph Node Metastasis Page:438—442
135. Analysis of Bacterial Time Distribution of ICU-acquired Infections Page:434—437
136. Clinical Analysis of Risk Factors for Intraocular Pressure Elevation after Vitrectomy Page:429—433
137. The Evaluation of Anti-tumor Effect of CTL Induced by Oxidized Mannan-modified Tumor Cells Vaccine Page:420—424
138. Study on the Effect of Anti Osteopontin Antibody in Treating Rats’Collagen Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis Page:405—410
139. Effect of Crownless Roots on Surrounding Alveolar Bone Tissues in SD Rats with Osteoporosis Page:400—404
140. Effects of miR-206/miR-1 on Breast Cancer Stem Cell Proliferation and the Mechanism Page:394—399
141. Correlational Analysis of Diastolic Heart Failure and Bone Mineral Density in the Elderly Page:461—463
142. Clinical Analysis of Treatment and Prognosis of Patients with Pain Caused by Malignant Bone Metastasis Page:443—447
143. Evaluation of the Effect of Discharge Planning Model in Patients with Intracoronary Stent Implantation Page:415—419
144. The Effect of XRCC2 Gene Silencing Combined with Radiation on Human Colonic Transplanted Carcinoma in Nude Mice Page:385—388
145. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Clopidogrel Resistance in Patients of Acute Myocardial Infarction Underwent Emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page:632—635
146. The Moderating and Mediating Roles of Psychological Capital in the Associations of Effort-reward Imbalance and Overcommitment with Job Burnout among Iron-steel Workers Page:626—631
147. Changes of Renal Function in Elderly Patients with Heart Failure but Normal Ejection Fraction and Its Clinical Significance Page:618—621
148. Clinical Observation of Bispectral Index in Evaluation of the Indications of Extubation in Children′s Total Intravenous Anesthesia Page:614—617
149. Correlation Study of Cognitive Disorder Induced by Ethanol and M1 Receptor in Hippocampus in Mice Page:602—605
150. Association of UGT1A1*6 Polymorphisms with Irinotecan-induced Toxicities:A Meta-analysis Page:596—601
151. Effects of Exenatide and Liraglutide on Body Weight:A Meta-analysis Page:591—595
152. Effects of Hrs on Apoptosis and Cell Proliferation in Colon Cancer Cell Lines Page:585—587
153. Evaluation of Left Atrial Function Changes in Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Using Two-dimensional Speckle Tracking Imaging Page:581—584
154. Efficacy ofα-Lipoic Acid Treatment on Sepsis-induced Acute Kidney Injury in Rats and Its Mechanisms Page:577—580
155. Application of the Hopkins Endoscope on Removal of Esophageal Foreign Bodies Page:657—659
156. Relationship of Free Fatty Acid,Reactive Oxygen Species and Sperm Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Obese Male Infertility Patients Page:653—656
157. Clinical Research of Intrapleural Combination Therapy with Bevacizumab and Cisplatin for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Mediated Malignant Pleural Effusion Page:648—652
158. The Video-electroencephalography Analysis of 120 Healthy Elderly Page:639—643
159. Study of the Influencing Factors of Myocardial Infarction Patients Care Burden of Caregivers Page:622—625
160. Clinical Efficacy of Three Kinds of Topical Drug on Preventing Peripheral Chemotherapeutic Phlebitis Caused by Continuous Infusion of 5-fluorouracil Page:610—613
161. Comparison of Clinical Manifestations,Pathological Grade and Prognosis in Patients with Henoch-Sch?nlen Purpura Nephritis by Age Page:247—251
162. The Effect of Gabapentin on TRPV1 in Rat DRG after CCI Page:234—237
163. Construction and Identification of Recombinant Plasmid of p3XFLAG-CMV7-NICD1 Page:217—220
164. Establishment of Finite Element Model and Analysis of Airflow Characteristics in Patients with Nasal Structural Abnormalities Page:209—213
165. SUMO Expression and Regulation in Oxidative Stress in Cultured Human Lens Epithelial Cells Page:193—198
166. Comparison of Efficacy of Spiral Nasointestinal Tube and Nasogastric Tube in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Page:549—551
167. Adverse Reactions of Hysterosalpingography and Prevention Measures Page:545—548
168. Analysis of Debugging Results in Congenital Deaf Children after Cochlear Implantation Page:533—537
169. The Clinical Value of Measurement of Normal Fetal Aortic Isthmus Systolic Index with Prenatal Ultrasound Page:516—519
170. Significance of Medical Imaging for Primary Thyroid Malignant Lymphoma Diagnosis Page:506—508
171. Influencing Factors of Aloneness among Middle-aged and Elderly Page:503—505
172. Research on Correlation between rs13266634 C/T SNP of SLC30A8 Gene and Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Page:494—497
173. Hyperthermia Combined with Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer:A Meta-analysis Page:489—493
174. Relationship of Matrix Metalloproteinases and the Tissue Inhibitor with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Patients with Primary Hypertension Page:485—488
175. Observation on Effect of Double Silicone Balloon Catheter for Nasal Packing after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Page:543—544
176. Discrepancy of Independent Risk Factors of Smoking Relapse in Different Age Patients after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page:538—542
177. Right Atrial Myxoma Diagnosed by Echocardiography Page:524—527
178. Correlation of Expression of Secretory Phospholipase A2 in Peripheral Blood and Infection of Amniotic Cavity in Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes Page:520—523
179. Inactivation of Nrf2 Decreases Load-driven Bone Formation Page:513—515
180. Influence of Progesterone and Vitamin D on the Cell Proliferation of Hormone-dependent Breast Cancer and the Interaction Page:509—512
181. Study of Sustained Inflation and Its Mechanism for Exogenous Acute Lung Injury Animal Models on Lung Protection Page:498—502
182. Protective Effect of PARP Inhibitor on Cortical Neurons in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats Page:481—484
183. Significance and Expression of MMP7 in Paraquat-induced Murine Pulmonary Fibrosis Page:557—561
184. Actin Scavenging System and Coagulation-fibrinolytic System in Peripheral Blood of Pre-eclampsia Patients Page:926—929
185. Influence of Invigorating Kidney and Activating Blood Formulae on Expression of IL-6 and MMP-13 in Synovial Fluid of Rabbits with Knee Osteoarthritis Page:909—912
186. Immunophenotype Analysis of Adult Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Page:904—908
187. Significance of Serum Galactomannan Detection in Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis Diagnosis Page:865—869
188. Effects of Commitment to Supervisor to Job Satisfaction among the Police of Liaoning Province:the Mediating Role of Psychological Capital Page:917—920
189. Application of Magnetic Beads Method for Methylated ctDNA Detection in Urine Page:897—900
190. A Comparative Study of Membrane Electrical Properties of Visceral and Somatic Nociceptive Neurons of Anterior Cingulate Gyrus in Cats Page:888—890
191. Clinical Study of Chair-side Immediate Ceramic Restoration Technique for Large-defected Teeth Page:883—887
192. Roles of BTG3 Expression in Gastric Cancer and Mechanism for Its Tumor Suppression Function Page:877—882
193. Application of Propfol Closed-loop Anesthesia System in Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologic Surgery Page:873—876
194. Effects of Liraglutide on Omentin-1 and Insulin Resistance in High-fat Diet Obese Rats Page:1129—1131
195. Comparison of Different Surgical Treatments for Solitary Adrenal Metastasis Following Nephrectomy in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma:18 Cases Report Page:1125—1128
196. Application of the Whole Course Case Tracking Method in Continuous Improvement of the Nursing Quality in Outpatient Operation Unit Page:1120—1124
197. Multivariate Analysis of the “Small for Gestational Age” in Twins Page:1106—1109
198. Influencing Factors for Preoperative Anxiety Level of Elderly Patients with Prostatic Hyperplasia Page:1098—1101
199. Effect of Curcumin on Tumor Necrosis Factor α-induced Osteoblast Apoptosis Page:1094—1097
200. Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation on Postoperative Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation Page:1087—1089
201. Clinical Significance of IL-22 Expression and Percentage of IL-22-producing Th22 Cells in Primary Sj?gren′s Syndrome Page:1083—1086
202. Clinicopathological Significance and Relevant Molecular Mechanisms of Beclin 1 in Gastric Cancer Page:1061—1065
203. Influence Factors of Psychological Empowerment among the Teachers in Universities and Colleges Page:1142—1145
204. Efficacy and Safety of Autologous Adipose-derived Stem Cells Transplantation in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Page:1137—1141
205. Clinical Study on the Effects of Ulinastatin Injection Combined with Xuebijing on Coagulation Function and Systemic Inflammatory Response in Patients with Sepsis after Burn Page:1132—1136
206. Efficacy of Activated Vitamin D3 Combined with Interferon-α in the Treatment of CCL4-induced Hepatic Fibrosis in Mice Page:1110—1115
207. Effect of Berberine on AQP4 Expression in Focal Cerebral Ischemia Area in Diabetic Rats Page:1102—1105
208. Correlation between Glutathione S-transferase Polymorphisms and Sperm DNA Integrity in Male Patients with Idiopathic Infertile Page:1075—1078
209. Influence of Candida albicans Infection on T Cell Subsets in the Mice with Spleen Deficiency Page:1070—1074
210. Application of Spectral-domain Optical Coherence Tomography for Measuring Peripapillary Atrophy in Glaucoma Page:1057—1060
211. Effects of Different Degrees of Hypoxia-ischemia on Neuronal Apoptosis and Astrocyte Proliferation in Neonatal Rats Page:174—177,180
212. Expression of S100B Protein in the Placenta and Umbilical Cord of the Pregnant Women at Different Gestational Ages Page:781—782,789
213. Clinical Characteristics and Management of Choriocarcinoma in Postmenopausal Women Page:773—774,780
214. Construction and the Recombinant Protein Expression of Human PAK4 Gene Fusion Plasmid Page:84—86,94
215. TNF-α Expression in the Peritoneum of Curcumine Pretreated Acute Peritonitis Rat Page:749—750,757
216. Construction of GST/HIF-1α Fusion Protein Expression Vectors and the Expressions in Escherichia coil Page:721—723,729
217. Meta-analysis of 342 Female Pseudohermaphroditism Page:64—66,70
218. Detection of Y Chromosomal Microdeletions in Patients with Spermatogenic Failure Page:37—39,43
219. Gender Differences in Clinical Features of Acute Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Page:54—57,60
220. The Evaluation of Femoral Neck Anteversion by Three-dimensional Computed Tomography Page:44—46,50
221. Risk Factors for Short-term Prognosis of Transient Ischemic Attack Page:221—223,237
222. Chromosomal and Subcellular Localization and Expression of Cell Cycle-related Regulator DCT1 Page:105—107,111
223. Periorbital Soft Tissue Defects Reconstructed by Random Flaps Page:144—145,149
224. Meta-analysis of the Relationship between Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection and Lung Cancer Page:138—139,143
225. Clinical Significance of Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase and Its Isoenzymes in the Retreated Patients with Multiple Myeloma Page:31—33,36
226. Protective Effect of Myocardial Ischemic Postconditioning on Ischemic-reperfused Myocardium of Rat and Its Relationship with P-Akt Page:116—118,131
227. The Dynamical Changes of Serum β-APP in Early Stage of Rabbit Traumatic Brain Injury Page:22—23,30
228. Predictive Value of Microvessel Density and Blood Vessel Invasion in Hepatic Metastasis from Early-stage Rectal Cancer Page:205—208,217
229. Neuroprotective Effect of Celecoxib against Degeneration of Dopaminergic Neurons in Rat Model of Parkinson Disease Page:191—193,204
230. Effect of TLR4 on the Expression of IRF-3 and IFN-β During Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion in the Cortex of Mice Page:98—100,104
231. Expression of Heat Shock Protein-70 in Paraquat-induced Pulmonary Inflammation Response Page:212—214,227
232. Chemokine Receptor 5 of Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells Takes Part in Amyloid beta Induced T Lymphocytes Transendothelial Migration Page:410—412,431
233. dBcAMP Induces Morphological Changes of Asrocytes through Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Page:404—405,409
234. Promoting Effect of Schwann's Cells on the Differentiation of Rat Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Neuron-like Cells Page:737—739,742
235. The Diagnosing Value of Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Cranial Bone in Pituitary Adenomas Patients with Different Prolactin Level Page:487—489,494
236. Risk Factors of Laryngeal Carcinoma:A Case-control Analysis Page:474—475,484
237. Relationship between HTR1A Gene-1019C/G Polymorphism and Clinical Response of Fluoxetine in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder Page:467—469,473
238. Clinical Analysis of the Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Old Myocardial Infarction Page:461—463,466
239. Relationship between the Sensitivity of Gastric Cancer Cells to Arsenic Trioxide and the Increase of Reactive Oxygen Species Level Page:432—434,451
240. ERK Phosphorylation and Indirect Activation of EGFR Induced by Homocysteine in Cerebellar Granule Neuron Page:743—745,763
241. Effects of IGF-1 on Proliferation of Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells Page:727—729,736
242. Primary Culture and Identification of Atrial Myocytes of Neonatal Rat Page:717—718,723
243. The Effect of Erythropoietin on PI3-K/Akt Signal Pathway of in vitro Immature Rabbit Myocardial Ischemia-reperfusion Injury Page:710—712,716
244. Adenovirus vVector, a Most Potential System for Cardiovascular Disease? Page:689—693,697
245. Impact of Quantitative 24-hour Urine Protein on Thyroid Hormone Levels in Patients with Severe Preeclampsia Page:418—421,425
246. Correlation Study between Adiponectin and Type 2 Diabetes Process Page:429—431,436
247. Two Novel Complex Mutations of CYP21A2 Gene Causing Simple Virilizing 21-hydroxylase Deficiency Page:396—400,406
248. Construction and Identification for Over-expressing Lentiviral Vector of mSema3A Page:226—229,233
249. A Genome-wide Analysis of DNA Methylation in APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice by Methylation Microarrays Page:160—163,188
250. Influence of Fenofibrate on Apoptosis of Human Renal Proximal Tubular Cells Induced by Free Fatty Acids Page:127—131,142
251. Molecular Mechanism for Regulation of INS-1 Rat Insulinoma Cell Proliferation by Orexin-A Page:119—122,126
252. Correlation between Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase and Neural Cell Apoptosis after Chronic Compression of Cauda Equina Nerve in Rats Page:148—151,159
253. Three Mood Stabilizers for Inhibition of Ouabain-induced ERK1/2 Phosphorylation in Astrocytes Page:97—101,113
254. Association between Expression of HDAC1 Protein and HPV16/18 Infection in Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma Page:464—467,471
255. Preliminary Study of Human Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation by Controlled-rate Freezing Page:425—428,433
256. The Effect of Methylprednisolone on the Quality of Life in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients with Dyspnea Page:411—414,419
257. Study of the Cerebellar Hypothalamic Pathways in the Pathogenesis of Post-stroke Depression Page:389—393,399
258. Effects of Autologous Blood Transfusion and Allogenic Blood Transfusion on the Patients Undergoing Selective Operation of Intervertebral Fusion with Cage Page:636—638,643
259. Expression and Clinical Significance of Sir2-related Enzymes-1 in Colorectal Cancer Page:606—609,613
260. Clinicopathological Characteristics of Postoperative Hepatic Metastasis from Pancreatic Cancer Page:644—647,665
261. Purification of CT3 Fragment of Cav1.2 with Dithiothreitol Page:588—590,595
262. The Role of Kidney Pathology in Prognostic Analysis of Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy Page:243—246,262
263. Study on Inhibitive Mechanism of Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition of Trophoblast Cells by Targeted Silencing of Notch-1 Gene Page:238—242,258
264. Construction of Targeting Vector for Conditional Knockout of Murine Shbg Page:203—208,213
265. Effect of Lactobacillussalivariuson the Number of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg Cells and the Expression of TGF-β1 in Asthma Balb/c Mice Page:552—556,561
266. Aspirin Improves Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients:A Meta-analysis and Systematic Evaluation Page:528—532,537
267. The Effect of Myeloid Differentiation Factor 88 Inhibitor ST2825 on the Autophagy of THP-1 Cells Infected with Recombinant Mycobacteriumsmegmatis Page:562—564,572
268. Expression of Bim in Glucocorticoid-mediated Osteoblast Apoptosis and Its Significance Page:921—925,929
269. Application of Micropure System on Calcifications Detection of Thyroid Nodules Page:901—903,908
270. Expression of CCL17 in Serum of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Clinical Significance Page:913—916,920
271. Influence of Paraquat Poisoning on the Expression of Toll-like Receptor 4 in Myocardial Damage Following in Mice and Its Significance Page:891—896,900
272. Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation on Emergence Agitation in Children Underwent General Anesthesia with Sevoflurane Page:870—872,876
273. Protective Effect of Omega-3 Fish Oil Fat Emulsion on Cyclophosphamide-induced Gastric Mucosal Injury in Mice Page:1090—1093,1115
274. The Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of α-catulin Expression in Head Neck Squamous Cell Cancers Page:1079—1082,1086
275. Influence of Gestational Age Estimated with Biparietal Diameter on Second Trimester Down Syndrome Screening Page:1066—1069,1074
276. Investigation and Analysis of Physical and Mental Health of Nurses Page:1116—1119,1124