WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology> 2017> 44

Volume: 44

1. Advances in pathology of soft tissue tumors Page:14—18
2. Present perceptions and trends of surgical margin in soft tissue sarcoma in limbs and trunk Page:2—6
3. Epidemiology of stomach cancer in China Page:52—58
4. Advances in molecular targeted therapy for soft tissue sarcomas Page:7—13
5. High expression of WNT5A in small cell lung cancer and promotion of cell migration by phosphorylation of JNK Page:46—51
6. Factors related to contralateral central lymph node metastasis in clinically node-nega-tive papillary thyroid carcinoma Page:41—45
7. Diagnosis value of ultrasound-guided core-needle biopsy in breast masses under BI-RADS categories 4A to 4C Page:83—86
8. Correlation between preoperative NLR, PLR, and RDW and clinical pathological param-eters in gastric cancer patients Page:78—82
9. Clinicopathological characteristics of axillary lymph node metastasis in lung cancer Page:87—91
10. MiR-200c/141 methylation inhibits the expression of miR-200c and miR-141 in gastric cancer Page:73—77
11. Progress on radionuclide-labeled small peptides in targeting tumor angiogenesis Page:68—72
12. Advances in circulating tumor cells detection and the colorectal cancer recurrence or metastasis Page:142—145
13. Image-guided determination of actual dose for nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients treated with helical tomotherapy Page:123—128
14. Expression and correlation of EHD2 and E-cadherin in hepatocellular carcinoma Page:118—122
15. Advances in antiangiogenic drug-induced hypertension Page:238—245
16. Research progress on small cell lung cancer with syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone Page:233—237
17. Clinical observation of capecitabine and temozolomide in the treatment of advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors Page:228—232
18. Clinical outcomes of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in re-current adenosquamous carcinoma of the lung after resection Page:269—273
19. Relationship between the overexpression of DNA methyltransferase 3B4 and clear cell renal cell carcinoma Page:264—268
20. Accurate pathological diagnosis of thyroid cancer in the era of precision medicine Page:181—185
21. Advances in intraductal therapy for breast cancer prevention and treatment Page:177—180
22. 50 cases of clinical diagnosis and treatment of solid-pseudopapillary tumor of pancreas Page:173—176
23. Role of postoperative chemotherapy in patients with early-stage pulmonary large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma after resection Page:169—172
24. Appropriate approach for laparoscopic lymph node dissection of advanced gastric cancer Page:151—154
25. Advances in the mechanism of action of L1CAM in pancreatic cancer invasion and me-tastasis Page:349—353
26. Multidisciplinary team confirmed the simultaneous diagnosis of CLL and AML-M5 Page:337—343
27. Prognostic factors of combined small cell lung cancer after surgical resection Page:331—336
28. Research progress on relationship between brain metastasis from lung cancer and ex-tracellular vesicles Page:404—408
29. Advancement of aptamer-based detection for circulating tumor cells Page:400—403
30. Clinicopathologic analysis of 3299 patients with thyroid tumors in Nanchong Page:395—399
31. Application of three-dimensional visualization technology in preoperative assessment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma Page:390—394
32. Clinical analysis of autologous peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell mobilization regimen in 61 lymphoma patients Page:377—383
33. Follow-up study on biochemical and structural response in progressive radioactive io-dine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer patients treated with apatinib Page:371—376
34. Genetic polymorphisms of DNA repair genes XPD, XPC, and XRCC4 in relation to colorectal cancer susceptibility Page:365—370
35. Expression and function of LETM2 in esophageal squamous carcinoma Page:355—359
36. Predictive value of preoperative and postoperative serum tumor markers CEA, CA19-9, and CA72-4 in the diagnosis of gastric cancer recurrence at different stages Page:324—330
37. Clinical efficacy and safety of L-asparaginase combined with GDP regimen in treat-ment of patients with extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma Page:321—323
38. Research progress on the anti-tumor immunity of Th9 cells and its mechanism Page:294—298
39. Correlation of neutrophils to lymphocyte ratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio with prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with transarterial chemoembo-lization Page:283—288
40. Prognostic analysis and comparison of the efficacy and complication of different radio-therapy techniques for postoperative early cervical squamous cell carcinoma Page:278—282
41. Research progress on the role of circRNA in gastrointestinal tumor Page:778—781
42. Micro-sphere culture gathers cancer stem cell and its potential clinical application Page:136—141
43. Chimeric antigen receptor T cell based therapeutic modality in solid tumors Page:415—417
44. Principles and strategies for the prevention and treatment of parathyroid and larynge-al nerve injuries during thyroid surgery Page:409—414
45. Clinical research progress on the efficacy and safety of bevacizumab in treating ad-vanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:129—135
46. Clinicopathological studies on primary renal lymphoma Page:483—487
47. Effects of HDAC5 on the proliferation and apoptosis of the gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901 Page:469—473
48. Analysis of the correlation between rs8444 polymorphisms located within LASS2-3′-UTR and susceptibility of bladder cancer Page:107—111
49. Preclinical evaluation of recombinant herpes simplex virus oHSV2 in colorectal cancer Page:101—106
50. Efficacy and safety of multiple-dose 5-HT3 receptor antagonists in preventing multi-day-based and highly emetogenic chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting Page:667—672
51. PEG-rhG-CSF for peripheral blood stem cell mobilization in patients with relapsed or refractory malignant lymphoma Page:662—666
52. Comparison of rectal cancer tumor volume parameters measured by MRI sequences and CT with those by pathological specimen Page:656—661
53. Clinical progress and future of targeted therapy for breast cancer Page:625—629
54. Clinical features and prognosis of 25 cases of soft tissue sarcoma with soft tissue me-tastasis Page:36—40
55. TBX2 gene mutation and the clinical significance of related proteins expression in ma-lignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor Page:29—35
56. Efficacy of bodyγ-knife with radiosensitizer and/or hyperthermia for recurrent soft tis-sue sarcoma Page:24—28
57. Analysis of clinical characteristics and prognosis of 63 cases of pancreatic neuroendo-crine tumor Page:810—815
58. Radiotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma Page:19—23
59. Efficacy of laparoscopy-assisted radical gastrectomy for elderly patients with gastric cancer Page:800—804
60. Role of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 in tumor malignant biological be-havior and its clinical application Page:826—830
61. Risk factors for high-volume lymph node metastases in cN0 papillary thyroid microcar-cinoma Page:805—809
62. Current status and prospect of prognostic systems for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Page:567—570
63. Effect of kinase PLK4 on the proliferation of glioma cells in vitro Page:685—688
64. Research progress on PD-1/PD-L1 in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Page:726—730
65. Multicenter postmarketing clinical study on using pegylated recombinant human gran-ulocyte-colony stimulating factor to prevent chemotherapy-induced neutropenia Page:679—684
66. Research progress on MCL-1 and its inhibitors in hematological malignancies Page:562—566
67. Doxorubicin induces enrichment of stem-like cells in osteosarcoma by activating Notch signaling Page:527—531
68. Possible mechanism and significance of rare p53 mutation in Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric cancer Page:522—526
69. Advances in research on mechanisms of resistance to anti-epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors in RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer Page:517—521
70. Prognosis-relevant factors in primary vaginal carcinoma Page:612—615
71. The 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomograhy in predicting residual retro-peritoneal tumor after chemotherapy of testis germ cell tumors Page:608—611
72. Assessment of features and prognostic factors of 146 gastric cancer patients with bone metastasis Page:594—599
73. Relationship between expression of PD-L1 and microsatellite instability of colorectal cancer and its significance Page:589—593
74. Research progress on the mechanism and clinical data of IDO inhibitor in reversing the resistance of malignancies to PD-1 antibody by regulating MDSCs Page:935—938
75. Clinicopathological study of 24 cases of ovarian cellular fibromas Page:920—922
76. Characteristic analysis of aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma complicated by autoim-mune hemolytic anemia Page:915—919
77. Expression of Oct4 and its prognostic role in left-and right-side colon cancer Page:909—914
78. Progress on metronomic chemotherapy for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Page:948—952
79. Evolution theory in cancer treatment Page:944—947
80. Metabolic reprogramming of the de novo fatty acid synthesis pathway in cancer devel-opment and progression Page:939—943
81. Advances in the immunotherapy of glioma Page:931—934
82. Cancer incidence and mortality in Henan 2013 Page:923—930
83. Ibrutinib inhibits diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell survival Page:903—908
84. Influence of gut microbiota on the development of tumor via the gut-brain axis Page:886—889
85. Therapeutic effect of transarterial chemoembolization combined with apatinib on patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Page:880—885
86. Clinical observation of caffeic acid in the treatment of thrombocytopenia (CIT) caused by cancer chemotherapy Page:876—879
87. Analysis of clinicopathologic characteristics, misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis of 4 malakoplakia cases Page:873—875
88. Treatment of hypermyoglobinemia after cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy for patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis: a cohort study on 60 patients Page:867—872
89. MRI-guided stereotactic supratentorial lesion biopsy:a report of 103 patients Page:863—866
90. Prognostic value of the combined preoperative plasma levels of fibrinogen and lym-phocyte to monocyte ratio (F-LMR) in patients with non-small cell lung cancer Page:857—862
91. Prognostic evaluation of high sensitivity-C reactive protein in peripheral T-cell lymphoma Page:851—856
92. Berberine exerts pro-apoptotic effects on PC-9 cells via activation of JNK/FOXO3 signaling Page:846—850
93. Anticancer effects and underlying mechanisms of HJC0152, a small-molecule STAT3 in-hibitor, on tumor invasion and migration in human head and neck squamous cell carci-noma Page:841—845
94. Advances in the relationship between peritoneal microenvironment and peritoneal me-tastasis in colorectal cancer Page:894—898
95. Research progress on long noncoding RNA in urothelial bladder carcinoma Page:890—893
96. Research progress on TIAM1 in pediatric neuroblastoma Page:1160—1164
97. Progress on EGFR-TKI in treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with S768I mutation Page:1155—1159
98. Research progress on chemotherapy-induced tumor microenvironment changes and tumor metastasis Page:1049—1054
99. Prognosis of cervical and posterior to level V lymph node metastasis in 406 cases of na-sopharyngeal carcinoma Page:1019—1023
100. Research progress on the therapy of T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia Page:1108—1111
101. Advances in diagnosis and treatment of internal mammary lymph node of breast cancer Page:1104—1107
102. Research progress on the mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance to glioblastoma in-duced by hypoxia microenvironment Page:1100—1103
103. Integration of multiple disciplines on primary breast bidirectional synovial sarcoma Page:1086—1089
104. Progress on surgical resection of the primary diagnostic stageⅣbreast cancer Page:1055—1058
105. Low-dose computed tomography screening for lung cancer in Tianjin: a preliminary clinical analysis of baseline screening and follow-up results Page:1034—1039
106. Application value of superb microvascular imaging for diagnosis of renal solid masses Page:1082—1085
107. Clinicopathologic characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer patients with seldom mutation types of epidermal growth factor receptor and treatment analysis Page:1076—1081
108. Value of tumor-associated CD66b-positive neutrophils for the prediction of the recur-rence of stage Ib and IIa cervical cancer Page:1071—1075
109. Clinical characteristics and treatment of unicentric retroperitoneal Castleman's disease Page:1067—1070
110. Association of the polymorphisms in TP63 rs6790167 with risk for lung cancer in Hain-an Han population Page:1061—1066
111. Expression and potential role of miRNA-20a in bladder cancer Page:1014—1018
112. MiR-375 suppresses angiogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting platelet-de-rived growth factor-C Page:1007—1013
113. Predictors for the mortality of malignant tumor patients with invasive candidiasis Page:1130—1134
114. The role of PD0332991 in clonogenicity of mantle cell lymphoma cells Page:1115—1119
115. Dexamethasone in the prophylaxis of radiation-induced pain deterioration after pallia-tive radiotherapy for bone metastases from lung cancer Page:1194—1198
116. Analysis of parenchymal-sparing hepatectomy in surgical treatment of colorectal liver metastases Page:1179—1183
117. Expression of STEAP1 in human breast cancer and its clinical significance Page:1175—1178
118. Research advances on EGFR-targeted therapy and acquired resistance in nonsmall cell lung cancer Page:1212—1216
119. Introduction and analysis of the latest changes in head and neck cancer staging Page:1208—1211
120. Research progress on the role of non-coding RNAs in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma Page:1204—1207
121. The predictive value of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy Page:1184—1188
122. Effect of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on low metastatic hepatocellular carci-noma cells Page:1169—1174
123. Risk factors of lower limb DVT and thrombosis risk assessment after breast cancer surgery Page:1199—1203
124. Research progress on lncRNAs in haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue tumors Page:96—99
125. Characteristics and surgical treatment of esophageal stromal tumors Page:993—999
126. A comparative analysis of the incidence rates of esophageal cancer and upper diges-tive tract cancer in Cixian County, Hebei Province, China Page:979—987
127. Multidisciplinary decision on a rectal cancer patient with multiple synchronous pulmo-nary metastasis Page:973—978
128. Comparison of mammography with automated breast ultrasound system for detecting breast lesions Page:969—972
129. BTK expression and its clinical significance in 32 cases of mantle cell lymphoma Page:963—968
130. ASCL-1 protein expression in lung adenocarcinoma and its correlation with prognosis Page:958—962
131. Clinicopathological features of gastric mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma Page:953—957
132. Case-control study of the risk of esophageal cancer in Xinjiang Page:92—95
133. Targeting DNA methylation in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia Page:64—67
134. Expression and significance of LAPTM4B-35 and MMP-9 in patients with gastric cancer Page:1226—1231
135. Application of droplet digital PCR in the precision treatment of breast cancer Page:146—149
136. Advances in the treatment for HER2-positive advanced gastric cancer Page:59—63
137. Effects of miR-200a on the proliferation of lung cancer cells by inhibiting YAP1 Page:311—315
138. Inhibitory effect of combined niclosamide and cisplatin on adrenocortical carcinoma xenografts in nude mice Page:306—310
139. Current status and progress of preoperative pulmonary function evaluation in patients with lung cancer Page:301—305
140. Detection of lymphocyte immune function in peripheral blood of patients with ad-vanced gastric cancer Page:224—227
141. Correlation between preoperative CRP/Alb ratio and lymph node metastasis in pa-tients with gastric cancer Page:210—213
142. Expression of tissue neuronal cell adhesion molecule 56, chromogranin A, and synapto-physin and its relationship with clinicopathological features and prognosis in 92 Chi-nese patients with primary esophageal small cell carcinoma Page:204—209
143. Establishment of human gastric cancer model in normal immune mice based on micro-carrier 6 Page:199—203
144. Immunotherapy of acute leukemia:clinical experience and prospect Page:249—252
145. Research progress on myoepithelial carcinoma Page:253—257
146. Pre-radiation neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, platelet to lymphocyte ratio, prognostic nutritional index, and CA19-9 as prognostic factors in pancreatic cancer patients treat-ed with radiotherapy Page:289—293
147. Comparative analysis on survival of the patients with esophageal squamous cell carci-noma from rural and urban regions Page:773—777
148. Clinical efficacy of apatinib in treating refractory triple-negative advanced breast cancer Page:769—772
149. Clinical application of preoperative interventional embolization for benign and malig-nant retroperitoneal tumor Page:764—768
150. Clinicopathological features of 11 inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor cases Page:760—763
151. Expression and clinical significance of lymphocyte function-associated antigen 3 (LFA-3) in low-grade glioma Page:755—759
152. A new mitochondria-targeted platinum complex Mor-platin inhibits HepG2 cell prolif-eration and cell invasion Page:750—754
153. Effect of osimertinib combined bevacizumab on lung adenocarcinoma with EGFR T790M mutation and its mechanisms Page:744—749
154. Effect of afatinib on the proliferation and apoptosis of human breast cell lines and its mechanisms Page:739—743
155. Characteristics and adjuvant medical treatment for elderly women with breast cancer Page:733—738
156. Combining chemotherapy with immunotherapy:from bench to bedside Page:452—458
157. Advances in breast cancer epidemiology based on molecular subtyping Page:449—451
158. Research progress on expression of Epstein-Barr virus genes in EBV associated gastric carcinoma Page:444—448
159. Clinical analysis of single-and multiple-port thoracoscopic lobectomy for lung cancer Page:440—443
160. Retrospective study on chemotherapy for advanced biliary tract carcinoma Page:429—433
161. Clinical research of icotinib combined with subarachnoid space implantable pump for the treatment of leptomeningeal metastases from lung adenocarcinoma Page:437—439
162. Treatment strategy of complete response cases after neoadjuvant radiotherapy in rec-tal cancer Page:434—436
163. Effects of arsenic trioxide combined with first-line chemotherapy on osteosarcoma of patients with pulmonary extremity metastasis Page:502—507
164. Relationship between preoperative FIB-4 and hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis after curative resection Page:498—501
165. Clinical significance of expression and phosphorylation of FAK in human osteosarcoma Page:474—482
166. Manifestation and therapies of EGFRI-induced dermatological toxicities Page:673—676
167. Mechanisms of differentiation of omental-adipose stromal cells promoted by gastric cancer cells Page:651—655
168. Histone deacetylase inhibitor down-regulated the expression of HER-2 in breast cancer through the changes in miRNA Page:644—648
169. Progress on breast cancer research in patients aged 25 years and younger Page:640—643
170. Advances of target therapy in hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer Page:635—639
171. Clinical research progress on treatments for HER-2-positive breast cancer Page:630—634
172. Research progress in the mechanism of telomeric shelterin component TRF2 in tumori-genesis and tumor treatment Page:835—838
173. Research progress on PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors in prostate cancer immunotherapy Page:831—834
174. Analysis of the curative effect of extensive pterional approach combined with cutting of the zygomatic arch for the resection of large sphenoid ridge meningioma Page:822—825
175. Relationship of clinicopathological characteristics with neoadjuvant chemotherapy efficacy and prognosis of inflammatory breast cancer patients Page:816—821
176. Progress on glioblastoma multiforme treatment with chimeric antigen receptor T-cells Page:794—799
177. Clinical analysis of 667 adrenal incidentalomas Page:722—725
178. Anorectal malignant melanoma:diagnosis, treatment, and prognostic analysis of 36 cases Page:717—721
179. Prognosis of 153 non-small cell lung cancer patients with pleural dissemination after surgery Page:712—716
180. Clinical efficacy of laparoscopic liver resection versus open liver resection for hepato-cellular carcinoma Page:706—711
181. Clinical research on apatinib combined with Xiaoyan decoction for the treatment of non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer Page:701—705
182. Expression ofβ1 integrin, Rac1, and RhoA in invasive micropapillary breast carcinoma Page:695—700
183. ERK5 and MMP-9 expression levels in osteosarcoma and their clinical significance Page:689—694
184. Pulmonary toxicity related to EGFR-TKI monotherapy or its combination with radia-tion as treatment for non-small cell lung cancer Page:558—561
185. Cancer mortality in Zhejiang cancer registration areas from 2010 to 2014 Page:552—557
186. Outcome and prognostic markers of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and cut-off value of Ki-67 in 158 breast cancer patients Page:547—551
187. Efficacy and safety of docetaxel plus apatinib as a second-line treatment for advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer Page:544—546
188. Expression of microtubule-associated protein 2 correlates with better prognosis of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors Page:532—538
189. Enhanced effect of immunomagnetic beads on micro-CT scan of the lung adenocarci-noma mouse model Page:583—588
190. Effect of TRPV5 and TRPV6 channels on the biological behaviors of SW480 colon cancer cell line Page:577—582
191. Advances in personalized treatment of small cell lung cancer Page:571—576
192. Progress on radiotherapy for cervix cancer Page:899—902
193. Biological foundation and research progress on radiotherapy combined with immuno-therapy Page:1151—1154
194. Application value of 3D printing technology in the surgery of sphenoid ridge meningioma Page:1146—1150
195. Predictive factors of skip metastasis to lateral with leaping central lymph node in papil-lary thyroid carcinoma Page:1141—1145
196. Profiling the dynamic changes of PBMC immune-related indicators in patients with lung cancer after chemotherapy cycles Page:1135—1140
197. Effect of Fructus Corni extract on B7-H6 expression in primary liver cancer of rats Page:1125—1129
198. Isoliquiritigenin promotes the radiosensitivity of human glioma stem cells Page:1120—1124
199. Advances in antitumor functions and mechanisms of apolipoprotein A-Ⅰ Page:1045—1048
200. Clinical standardized evaluation of lymph node metastasis in gastric cancer Page:1040—1044
201. Retrospective analysis of surgical treatment and postoperative follow-up study of adult primary intraspinal tumors Page:1029—1033
202. Second generation sequencing detection breast cancer susceptibility gene variants for risk prediction and clinical treatment Page:1024—1028
203. Effect of BIM on advanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:1095—1099
204. Detection rate of colorectal adenoma and its risk factors in different areas Page:1090—1094
205. The efficacy of thalidomide on preventing and treating radiation-induced oral mucosi-tis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:1189—1193
206. Advances in the research on application and antitumor mechanism of snake venom Page:988—992
207. Research progress on spliceosome mutations in myelodysplastic syndromes Page:1000—1004
208. Current status of targeted treatment for advanced renal carcinoma in China Page:1223—1225
209. Expression of Gli-1 and EMT-related proteins and its clinical significance in non-small cell lung cancer Page:1232—1237
210. Expression of CD26 in the cancerous tissue and serum of patients with endometrial car-cinoma and its diagnostic value Page:1238—1241
211. Expression and diagnostic value of serum miR-26a/b in patients with gastric cancer Page:1242—1247
212. Correlation of TUBB3 expression with chemotherapy sensitivity and clinical outcome of advanced gastric cancer treated with paclitaxel-based chemotherapy Page:1248—1252
213. A preliminary study of amino acid metabolomics using LC-MS/MS to predict the che-motherapeutic response of patients with advanced breast cancer Page:1253—1257
214. Clinical analysis of clear cell sarcoma of the kidney in children Page:1258—1261
215. Incidence and mortality analysis of lung cancer among residents in Qidong City of Jiangsu Province from 1993 to 2012 Page:1262—1267
216. Finite element analysis of the effects of individual extralevator abdominoperineal exci-sion of rectal neoplasms in the low posterior wall on the pelvic floor Page:1268—1271
217. Research progress on mechanism of long non-coding HOTTIP RNA in regulating diges-tive system carcinomas Page:1272—1276
218. Comprehensive therapeutic strategies regarding immune checkpoint Page:782—786