WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion> 1992> 3

Volume: 3

1. A case of hemolytic disease of the newborn due to anti-e. Page:191—195
2. A case of delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction due to anti-e identified by bromelin treatment. Page:185—189
3. Two cases of anti-E hemolytic disease of newborn in a brother & sister. Page:179—184
4. Anti-M antibody identified in patients: 20 cases-. Page:173—177
5. A study of P antigen frequency and P1 antibody in Korean blood donors. Page:167—171
6. Comparison of three methods for inactivation IgM antibodies for determination of IgG anti-A or anti-B. Page:159—165
7. Identification of Br platelet antigens using modified mixed passive hemagglutination. Page:151—157
8. In vitro platelet assessment of the stored CPDA-1 platelet concentrates. Page:143—150
9. Infectious disease markers in sutologous and directed blood donors. Page:137—141
10. Experience of directed donor program in surgery of patients with primary liver cancer. Page:129—136
11. Characteristics of CPDA-1 fresh frozen plasma. Page:29—33
12. Autologous blood transfusion for elective surgery in Severance Hospital. Page:21—28
13. Evaluation of blood transfusion practice in infant. Page:15—20
14. Use of quadruple bags for pediatric transfusion. Page:9—13
15. Preparation and post-transfusion aurvial of frozen-deglycerolized red blood cells. Page:1—7
16. Determination of % PRA and identification of HLA antibody using home-made lymphocytes panel. Page:71—77
17. A study on discrepancy rate between the actual and belived ABO groups in recruits. Page:65—69
18. Screening of HIV antibody in Korean blood donors. Page:55—64
19. Anti-HCV EIA by three diagnostic reagent. Page:47—53
20. Effect of thawed fresh-frozen plasma on coagulation factors according to storage period and temperature. Page:41—46
21. Laboratory evaluation of blood coagulation system in FFP. Page:35—40