WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion> 2017> 28> 3

Volume: 28 Issue: 3

1. Identification of Anti-G in Pregnant Women with RhD Negative Blood: The First Case in Korea. Page:304—310
2. A Case of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura with Exacerbation after Incomplete Remission of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. Page:298—303
3. Assessment of Medical Trainnees' Knowledge and Their Educational Needs on Transfusion Medicine. Page:290—297
4. A Survey of the Opinions of Transfusion Specialists on Transfusion Policy of Thalassemia Patients in Korea. Page:282—289
5. Assessment of the Training Program for Improvement of Blood Management at Hospital Blood Centers by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Analysis of Survey Results (2015∼2017). Page:275—281
6. Estimation of the Outbreaks of Transfusion-Transmissible Emerging Infectious Diseases in Korean Blood Donors by Public Data. Page:264—274
7. Proposal of Evaluation Method for Leukoreduction Blood Filter and Evaluation of Domestic Filter. Page:256—263
8. Comparative Analytical Study on Massive Transfusion between Traumatic Emergency and Existing Emergency Rooms for Traumatic Patients at a Tertiary Hospital. Page:248—255
9. The Clinical Significance of Implementing Concurrent Direct Antiglobulin Test and Antibody Elution Test in Diagnosing Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn. Page:238—247
10. Quality Assurance of Diagnostic Immunologic Tests for Screening of Transfusion-Transmissible Infections at Korean Blood Centers. Page:225—237
11. Strategies to Prevent Transfusion-Transmitted Infection in Blood Centers. Page:211—224