WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion> 2007> 18

Volume: 18

1. A Case of Rifampin Induced Hemolytic Anemia Combined with Thrombocytopenia and Acute Renal Failure. Page:56—60
2. Effect of Blood Ordering and Input with using the Blood Information Sharing System (BISS) of the Korean RedCross. Page:49—55
3. The Effect of the Blood-donating Environment on Vasovagal Reaction. Page:39—48
4. Evaluation of the DG Gel System using the Microtube Column Agglutination Technique for Antibody Screening and Identification. Page:32—38
5. Detection Rate and Genetic Variability of Small Anellovirus DNA from Blood Donors at a Tertiary Hospital. Page:23—31
6. Characteristics and Follow-up Results of the Window Period Blood Donors for Hepatitis C Virus. Page:15—22
7. The Usage of Uncrossmatched Group O, Rh-Negative RBCs for Emergency Transfusion. Page:9—14
8. The Efficiency of Plasma Exchange for Renal Allograft Recipients with HLA Antibody before Transplantation. Page:1—8
9. A Case of Effective Post-centrifugal Plasma Filtration for L-asparaginase-induced Severe Hyperlipidemia. Page:269—274
10. A Case of Removal Myoglobin by Plasmapheresis in Rhabdomyolysis. Page:265—268
11. A Living Donor Liver Transplantation after Therapeutic Plasmapheresis in a Patient with Positive HLA Crossmatch. Page:260—264
12. Plasma Exchange in a Patient with Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-associated Vasculitis. Page:254—259
13. A Case of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Caused by Anti-D and Anti-C in RhD Positive Patient. Page:249—253
14. A Case of Group O Losing Anti-B Selectively. Page:244—248
15. A Case of a Family with a High Frequency of cis-AB. Page:239—243
16. High Dose Chemotherapy and Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in Pediatric Patients with High-risk Neuroblastoma. Page:227—238
17. Cord Blood Volume Reduction Using the Automated Devices Sepax(R) S-100 and AXP(TM) AutoXpress Platform. Page:219—226
18. The Effect of Leptin on the Proliferation of the Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Peripheral Blood. Page:209—218
19. Characteristics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Reactive Blood Donors Following Nucleic Acid Amplification Test Screening. Page:202—208
20. Measurement of the Residual Leukocyte Count by Flow Cytometry in Leukocyte-reduced Blood Components. Page:194—201
21. The Effect of Magnesium Sulfate on Platelets Preserved at Cold Temperature. Page:188—193
22. Evaluating the Appropriateness of a Single Unit Transfusion. Page:177—187
23. The Effect of Number of Reagent Red Cells on the Antibody Screening and Identification. Page:169—176
24. Characteristics of RBC Alloimmunization Detected by Unexpected Antibody Screening Tests. Page:159—168
25. Analysis of Partial D Subtypes by Various Anti-D Reagents. Page:152—158
26. The Duffy Blood Group Genotypes in Asian Populations. Page:145—151
27. Determination of the RhC/c Blood Group by Polymerase Chain Reaction with Sequence-specific Primers of the Intron 2 Insert of the RHCE Gene. Page:138—144
28. Changes in the Physical Properties of Irradiated Red Blood Cells. Page:129—137
29. A Case of ABO Discrepancy due to Anti-IH. Page:66—69
30. A Case of D--/D-- Phenotype Associated with Moderate Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn. Page:61—65
31. No Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions in a Patient with the Apparent Anti-e Autoantibody Following Transfusion of Packed Red Cells with CcDEe Phenotype. Page:116—120
32. Transfusion of Jra-positive Red Blood Cells to a Jra-negative Patient with Anti-Jra. Page:111—115
33. A Survey of the Self-contribution Rate of Manuscripts Published in the Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion using Internal Impact Score. Page:105—110
34. The Frequency Unexpected Antibodies at Kyungpook National University Hospital. Page:97—104
35. Evaluation of Immature Platelet Fraction as a Marker of Platelet Recovery in Prophylactic Platelet Transfusion. Page:89—96
36. ABO Genotyping using a Multiplex Single-base Primer Extension Reaction. Page:79—88