WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion> 2001> 12

Volume: 12

1. A case of Intravascular Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction due to Anti-Jkb. Page:63—66
2. Rapid freezing of umbilical cord blood in a -80 degrees C freezer. Page:55—62
3. Turnaround times of blood issue analyzed by a computer system . Page:47—53
4. Relationship of Helicobacter pylori IgG seroprevalence with Lewis (a,b) blood group phenotype/genotype. Page:35—45
5. Necessity of Anti-HBc and Anti-HBs Screening in Korean Blood Donation Program: Study using LG Anti-HBc and LG Anti-HBs ELISA Kit and HBV Nucleic Acid Amplification Test. Page:1—10
6. A Case of Cis-AB without B Antigen Expression. Page:245—251
7. Confirmation of HCV Positivity for Indeterminate Donors in Anti-HCV Antibody Immunoblot Assay among Blood Donors. Page:237—244
8. Study on Serologic Test for Syphilis as a Surrogate Marker for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection among Korean Blood Donors. Page:231—236
9. The Effect of Cryoprotectants on the Survival Rate of Human Frozen Thawed Erythrocytes. Page:219—229
10. A Survey of Blood Collection and Transfusion in Korea, 1998. Page:213—218
11. Blood Component Quality Control. Page:205—211
12. Performance Evaluation of LG HBsAg Confirm Kit. Page:197—204
13. The Preparation of Frozen Red Blood Cells and a Procedure for Deglycerolizing Frozen RBCs using COBE 2991 Blood Cell Processor. Page:189—196
14. Performance evaluation of AmicusTM and MCS + during plateletpheresis. Page:27—34
15. The analysis of Secretory Gene (Fucosyltransferase II): The relationship between the genotype of the Secretory Gene (Fucosyltransferase II) and the secretory phenotype of the saliva. Page:19—26
16. Utilization of Blood Components for Transfusion by Hospitals in Korea: 1998-99. Page:11—18
17. Transfusion-Transmitted Malaria in Korea - 10 cases during 1997~2001 -. Page:263—270
18. A Case of Anti-Xga Antibody. Page:257—261
19. A case of i Phenotype Siblings with Congenital Cataract. Page:253—256