Volume: 16 Issue: 3

1. Angiosarcoma of the Scalp: A Case Report and the Radiotherapy Technique. Page:351—355
2. Why Do Patients Drop Out During Radiation Therapy? : Analyses of Incompletely Treated Patients. Page:347—350
3. Dose Characteristics of Total-Skin Electron-Beam Irradiation with Six-Dual Electron Fields. Page:337—345
4. Evaluation of Tissue Inhomogeneity for Gamma-knife Radiosurgery Using Film Dosimetry. Page:325—335
5. Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Carcinoma of The Uterine Cervix : A Phase I/II Prospective Study. Page:311—323
6. Results of Postoperative Radiation Therapy of Rectal Cancers: with the Emphasis of the Overall Treatment Time. Page:303—310
7. Once vs. Twice Daily Thoracic Irradiation in Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer. Page:291—301
8. The Efficacy of Induction Chemotherapy in Stage lll Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer . Page:283—289
9. The Results of Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy on Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer . Page:275—282
10. Clinical Experience of Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Page:265—274
11. Preoperative Radiotherapy of Maxillary Sinus Cancer. Page:259—264
12. Postoperative Radiotherapy in Malignant Tumors of the Parotid Gland. Page:251—258
13. Radiotherapy Results of Stage I Glottic Cancer. Page:245—250
14. Prenatal Deaths and External Malformations Caused by X-Irradiation during the Preimplantation Period of ddy Mice. Page:233—243
15. Potentiation of Antitumor Effect of Radiotherapy by Recombinant Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha. Page:225—231